25 thoughts on “How to bottle feed a baby correctly

  1. I remember I sued to feed my son with a pot and he used to just suck it
    right up! he was a hungry lil shit

  2. @MillymollysX It’s grammar, sweetie, not spelling. You don’t get those
    helpful red lines when you mess up grammar; you learn that in teach :)
    You’re = you are, as in “you’re a noob”. And I know what it is, hon. I’m
    sorry you’re so jealous of Americans, but you can’t be one – deal with it :)

  3. @MillymollysX “this is much different to a friends household” that made zero

  4. @MillymollysX Pathetic. This is an informational record, not your playground
    to trash other countries. I know your young and stupid so I’ll have to
    inform you that cursing at people on the internet only makes you look
    stupid, it wont win your argument, and it sure as hell does not make you
    “cool”. Your 14, what the hell are you doing even watching baby videos?
    Grow up.

  5. @MillymollysX “Grammar”, not ‘grammer’. Educated people care, dear. And
    your stats are wrong. America is high on the list, yes, but there are eight
    other countries ahead of America. It’s not hard, sweetie, Google > obese
    statistics by country, or hell just type in “fattest countries”. So, a
    program you watched about America told you there’s a hot dog stand every
    mile? lol. Oh and, there’s no such country called “Greace”.

  6. @sickdude197 I reckon if you pull it out with all your strength, it’s going
    to hurt the baby.

  7. * Nope, not stout * You’re American * New account, yes; noob, no. I could
    guess you’re from the UK. Your grammar tells us that and your weak attempt
    at backlash by saying “you’re a noob”, lol. Ouch!

  8. @MillymollysX I’ll help you. *English *doesn’t (not ‘don’t') *hurray
    *Americans *their You’re welcome :)

  9. See the largest Threat to Parental Rights see on this site
    Documentry……….Deconstructing America

  10. @MillymollysX Didn’t see that red line under “jelouse”? It’s ‘Jealous’.
    I’ve never really seen a hot dog stand. You must be really obsessed if
    you know such intricate details about America. And it’s dreadfully creepy that
    you’re peeping through my windows (since you know what my lifestyle is, you
    must be). I supposed you’re taking a crack at America’s obesity tariff. What
    most in the UK fails to recognize, is their obesity tariff are very high too
    (not far from America’s).

  11. WTF? One minute the baby is crying and next sucking happily away at the
    pot! They edited out the most vital part!

  12. @MillymollysX Wow, 12 years ancient and calling people a “cunt”. So, everywhere did
    your opinion on America come from? Your parents? TV? Or have you really
    BEEN here? If you despise America so much, why do you watch “lots of
    programs” on it? 63% of the UK is obese, do you know what that means? MOST
    of your country is obese too.

  13. Trust me, I was pot feeding a baby today, and I couldn’t get the nipple
    out of his mouth once he drank it all. I guess he was just having too much

  14. @boogilidoogili13 Okay, I will bet you i will not find it hard to use all
    of my strength to pull it out.

  15. @Blunder1248 Thank you, Blunder. But, I would in no way base an entire
    country off of one self. I have met some very nice people from the UK.
    And, I do believe they have it right in some areas that the US has it incorrect
    (i.e. circumcising). So, no worries, and thank you!

  16. @MillymollysX I don’t get it you say ur at a friends household and u cant question
    them to change it because u reckon thats impolite so if they are the ones
    watching this then how come they are allowing u to say the things u are
    saying on here seriously it makes zero sense to me

  17. @mateckz Holycrap I wasn’t expecting that here. I still have a lot of
    respect for the restoration teach, we need more healers in Skyrim.

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