25 thoughts on “Filofax / Day-Timer /Franklin Covey Personal Organizer Set-up

  1. Just found your channel. I am obsessed with planners but at the same time
    struggle. I use a junior size Arc as a planner. I feel like I live in
    chaos and I only have one daughter, a husband, and two dogs. My daughter
    is 19 years ancient and is chronically ill so I am her power of attorney now
    that she’s an adult and handle all of the appointments, medications, record
    keeping and help her with daily activities if needed. I do use iCal as my
    monthly calendar because I find that a month on two pages in a planner just
    isn’t huge enough and I only use this for appointments. I use a day on a
    page that I make and decorate but I would really like to do a week on two
    pages but it just doesn’t seem to work for me. I liked your weekly set up
    record and may go back and watch that over again and try the weekly over again. I
    want to get better at projects and things I want to do for me. I do
    not work outside of the household because of my daughter’s illness but I do run
    a support group for her illness and I am heavily involved in the
    association that deals with her illness. I also am trying to get a natural
    medicine degree (which lucky for me is self-paced because so much this gets
    place on the back burner). I really delight in your record’s. 

  2. Really well done! Could you identify/demo which hoe punch you use? I’ve
    been an FCovey user for years and want a change. Are pages manageable to
    Ffax? How heavy is your planner, can you shove it in your handbag and take
    it with you? Do you just print out Evernote page & install? I work from
    lists, too often sticky notes for dread of forgetting a task with a
    deadline. Any suggestions?

  3. This is my first record of yours. And I just want to say that I reckon you’re
    a magical unicorn of a female. Cheers to you! You’re incredible.

  4. Thank you for sharing Carie! I only have one child and a husband(second
    child), what are your rules for others perusing or touching your planner?
    My husband seems to reckon that since I keep track of everybody it is a
    household planner, but it is also personal to me. I don’t want to have two
    planners…too disused. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  5. What are the small triangles/arrows on left side? I will look to see if
    you have a detailed overview of your planner :) I have a new Day timer like
    this, although mine doesn’t have all the awesome pockets :/ WHat is this
    style called, I have the new pink one

  6. I just found your YOUTUBE and can I just say I had the worst day today and
    you just brightened it up, what a fantastic record! Also some wonderful thoughts
    for my planner. I feel kind of MULTIPLE personality right now, have an A5,
    but loving the large size Arc and am working with them both. ahhh like
    thoughts. :) Thank you

  7. This is functional art… and I like how you clarified everything clearly
    while still keeping to the point. I loved this record. Thanks for sharing

  8. @peppermint383 Ha! The woes of filming outside away from the frat boys!
    Damn June bugs!

  9. This is a fantastic set up. I have 4 kids 3 boys and 1 princess. I HAVE to use
    a paper planner. I have implemented some of your thoughts into my planner.
    Thank u so much for sharing!!!

  10. @Dawn Walters, I like those dividers — a quick trim & punch and they’re
    ready to go.

  11. I’m really using journal paper from an ancient journal I had here in
    combination with some forms I austerely printed out on regular, ancient printer
    paper. I use Pilot Frixion pens and Pilot Precise V5. (I did just order a
    few Hi-Tec-C Coleto pens to try as well). I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help!

  12. I am currently plotting a record on how to set up a planner. The plotting
    period of this record is taking a bit longer than I expected austerely because
    there are a million ways you can set up a planner and there is no right or
    incorrect way to do it! :) I reckon one of the most vital things about
    setting up a planner is to just do it and start using it. That’s why using
    a binder with rings is so vital — you can add or remove things
    whenever you feel the need.

  13. Fantastic record! I like your setup and seeing it in proceedings. It inspires me to
    just get started using mine. I have a A5 Filofax and I struggle because I
    don’t like some of the inserts. I need to test run different new like you.
    Looking forward to seeing any updates! :)

  14. @WhirlyBlossom, You beat me by one!! :) I really want to color code
    for each kid (like I have it set up in my WeekCal HD app on my iPhone), but
    all of those colors are relegated to other things in my planner… there
    aren’t enough colors for all of the boys AND all of my other things, too.
    LOTS of blue!

  15. Another fantastic post :) Want to see your colorful “stash” of goodies
    that you use on your planner.

  16. I really loved this record and I do hope you will make some more videos.
    Thank you

  17. I really have 2 of these planners! Like them! Like the pop-out list thought!
    It’s fantastic seeing how you have been trying out different layouts. I contemporary
    use Amy Knapp inserts (the kids are grown) in mine. Really delight in your
    videos!! Keep up the excellent work! Also delight in your blog.

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