18 thoughts on “Choosing a mattress: Tips from Consumer Reports

  1. This is as worthless as the last 5 mattresses I was ripped off on.

  2. This is informative. But you must look into a handful of factory
    direct mattress makers such as Charles P. Rogers or Yankee Mattress which a
    small local maker in western MA. Many consumers don’t realize this is an
    option in most metropolitan areas. Sales are less frequent because there is
    minimal markup and advertising costs compared to brand names or huge box
    retailers. You can often customize to your specifications as well.

  3. Temperpidic best money ive ever spent but it did hurt to fork over that
    kind of cash for something I take a nap on then i found out u waste like 20% of
    your life sleeping which is alot of time in bed. it has a 10year warranty
    the next best is the Sleepnumber which last longer but u have to know that
    the aircompressors that air up the tubs will go terrible before the tubs
    themselves so u will have to replace the compressors which means no bed to
    take a nap on but both are best on market. TEMPERPIDIC SLEEPNUMBER

  4. i’m living in the academe dorms and their mattresses are HORRIBLE. i get
    back aches just a month or so into every first quarter and pretty much
    lasts all the way until end of the teach year. horrific.

  5. Want to see intelliBED compared to these mattresses. Can you add a
    gel mattress into the study. IntelliBED seems to be a better solution to
    many take a nap problems.

  6. i weigh 280 pounds i got my first “excellent” mattress for $600 it started to
    develop a body impression after a week. No return policy. So I threw it in
    the garbage. Got another mattress $800 same problem. Threw it away back on
    my ancient mattress and out 1400 dollars

  7. When you are a larger, heavier self, you need MORE support…and more
    support is not the lower end, cheaper models. Huge people need to step up
    and buy a high quality sleeping surface. The sales people everywhere you bought
    your bed could have educated you on this point, unless you were insisting
    on paying less.

  8. I can’t believe ConsumerReports is advocating for the “fake sales” all
    these resellers have. If its on sale 365 days a year is it really a sale?
    How about save your money by cutting out the middle man and buy factory
    direct. What about double-sided beds? Why would you buy a bed (or tires)
    that you couldn’t rotate? This report is such a joke. Sounds like one of
    the S (Serta, Sealy, Simmons) companies wrote this piece.

  9. They say a mattress is one of the most vital buys in life and
    money must not be an issue.

  10. I’m betting that you’re a mattress salesman. Mattresses are so overpriced
    that you can haggle the price down to lower than 50% of the advertised
    price without breaking a sweat.

  11. Do yourselves a favor and use Amazon and eBay to find well rated memory
    foam mattress sellers. 12″ 5lb gel foam mattresses can be had for under 400
    dollars for a queen sized and 500 for king. I’ve owned mine for very nearly 10
    years and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

  12. There’s no such thing as a 50% markdown from the original selling price.
    There wouldn’t be any profit therefore making selling mattresses a silly
    endeavor. You CAN from time to time get 50% off manufacturers suggested
    retail price (MSRP). MSRP is a reference number and if you do your homework
    get the best deal possible. There are fantastic selling ambassadors in the
    mattress business and some not so. Let your gut guide you. When in doubt,

  13. Not mentioned: Some firms, like Sealy, have clearance outlets with
    mismatches always at sale prices.

  14. This is a fantastic record that teaches you what to look for when purchasing.
    Don’t pay too much. There is a lot of markup on mattresses. You can buy
    direct and save 60-80% off retail at Anaheim Mattress.

    Here is a location in Southern California. http://anaheimmattress.net

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