25 thoughts on “DIY Candle Jar Organizer & Ideas to Upcycle Bath & Body Works Jars {Makeup organizer}

  1. I like this! Now I don’t feel TOO terrible for collecting bbw candles anymore :D

  2. Fantastic thought! I used my candle warmer to melt down the wax in the bottom of
    the jar. I’m going to use it to hold my roll-on body oils. 

  3. Clean thought. Before I part with any ancient candle jars. Will keep this in mind.
    Like watching your videos. Thanks 

  4. To get the paper off the bottom, hold it under water. It will come off
    super simple! 

  5. Birds!!! <3

    I cracked up laughing at 1:21 because it looked like you were just tumbling
    the wax on your floor! XD

    You have the coolest thoughts. Subscribed!

  6. Another way to get candle wax out is to place the candle in the freezer for a
    few hours and then you can just pop the wax out with a butter knife.

  7. I have an thought for the mark use nail polish remover to get away

  8. So after washing the jars in the sink, the black burnt spots will come
    right off? Omg! And I threw away 2 jars! Lol btw, in ordernto get that
    sticker off at the bottom, u can use rubbing alcohol with a cotinball to
    take off the remaining small spots ;) learned that frm mybf lol he has a
    motorcycle shop n he called me one time n said to grab like 5 bottles n I
    was like wth u goin to do with these hahaha byt yea thats what I learned 

  9. place the candles in the freezer and the wax will pop right off…

  10. Light the candle then pour the liquid in an ice cube holder and use the
    extra candle wax on the light holder

  11. The cotton ball & swab holders remind me of Portlandia .. “Place a bird on

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