Top 10 Vegetables

Back bу well Ɩονеԁ demand! Thіѕ weekend’s Bonus clip іѕ frοm ουr Health Channel аt аnԁ counts down thе Top 10 Vegetables….
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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Vegetables

  1. I told my science teacher garlic and anti biotic advantages but she didn’t
    believe me.
    Nor did my physics teacher believe that you do not need to memories
    formulas when you get a career in that field of work.

  2. What a lame top 10. Surely you guys can find something a small more
    appealing as a subject than the top ten vegetables. Really sad.

  3. These are all SOOO yucky. The only ones I can eat are carrots and
    broccoli. NOT COOKED, might I add.

    Yeah, yeah. I’m a picky eater. I know.

  4. i despise to burst your bubble but that lettuce wasn’t dark green

  5. garlic is excellent at fighting vampires too , so that`s also a plus :D

  6. after this record i wouldn’t be surprised to see “top 10 ways to blink”

  7. Do a top 10 best acting performances of all time.2 parts.male and female!!!

  8. When I get sick, I eat a brown onion like an apple. Works every time. 

  9. Unfortunately you can’t eat a lot of onions, it will mess up your digestive

  10. 4:09 the first time I watched that I thought she said kerosene

  11. Is it just me or is WatchMojo really in succession out of thoughts…

  12. Ok so I was bothering my husband while watching this record – he is a
    nutrition professor BTW. I interrupted him while writing his book on
    nutrition by reading off this list as I watched :) I could not get him to
    give me a list but I questioned him which vegetable would he say is number one:
    his answer was “cruciferous vegetables” which would include what this list
    calls “dark green vegetables” but at the top of that list he says is
    cabbage, after that, broccoli. Anything dark green is best.

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