9 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Tutorial: How to use a Breast Pump! (Practical Demonstration)

  1. I would drink your milk straight from the nipple lucky fucking baby

  2. Got milk? Damn girl osteoporosis is frightened of them like sacks!

  3. You have fantastic milk production. How long have you been breast feeding? If
    you became a wet nurse I bet you could sell your milk online.

  4. Damn girl with those huge ass titties you can feed everybody off youtube..
    If I was the cameraman I’ll be too busy at play. How could you not? Ahh..
    the joy of women.

  5. How painful was this for you starting out? I really want to breastfeed but
    the pump is so uncomfortable and I have very sensitive nipples. Also what
    vacuum level did you start on because I can’t go pass 2?!?

  6. Those things could feed a small village. Of course everyone from such a
    village would have a strong bias for chocolate milk LOL.

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