One thought on “Unbiased Memory Foam Mattress Reviews : Research Based on 6,900 Owner Experiences

  1. Nick – I’ve been enjoying your reviews for a while now; your research is a
    fantastic resource for many people. But, I want to suggest that you
    commence to conduct research related to the health risks associated with
    mattresses and bedding products. The law stipulates that every mattress
    must be able to withstand the open-flame test. Therefore, many
    manufacturers will use chemical fire retardants in order to pass this test.
    But, many of these fire retardants have been found to bioaccumulate in
    our stout tissue and pose serious threats to our health. There is a wealth of
    information on the internet that shows that these toxic fire retardants
    have been linked to cancer, asthma, and lowered IQ in infants.

    I want to see a assess entitled, “Unbiased Mattress Toxicity Levles
    Reviews & Ratings” using these statistics. You are the go-to resource when
    shopping for a new mattress for many people; this assess would be much
    appreciated for health-conscious consumers. Thanks, Jeff

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