25 thoughts on “Think Outside the’Organizer’ Box

  1. Ay Koren stop using my leepesteek…lol…I like u Koren, u have the best

  2. Fantastic thoughts! I will be making a trip to Dollar Tree asap. I don’t do the
    make up thing but yourideas are fantastic for my craft business! Thanks for

  3. The first product I saw, I had a terrible experience with. Everything slides
    out! Your method, of course, is GENIOUS!

  4. Very clever thoughts. Like the way you place the information right there on the
    screen — name of item, everywhere you bought it, and how much it costs — very

  5. First, I have to say, You are so, so, Sexy!!! Lol. 2nd, I like your
    videos. This particular one is a fantastic record, very excellent thoughts. Thank you

  6. Some very excellent thoughts! Thank you for sharing!

  7. I like the spice rack thought! I’m gonna buy one to use to show my perfumes :) very creative!

  8. yours are the most original uses for items I have seen. Excellent job & thanks
    for sharing.

  9. You gave me some excellent thoughts and not only for make-up, Thanks so much.

  10. I’ll be using these tips for art supplies – the tray thought is brilliant for
    pencils, pens, tools, exacto knives, paint brushes….all kinds of things. I
    like that they can be organized and easily accessible this way. Fabulous,
    thank you for posting this!!

  11. Awesome!!! thank you for the tips.. im def going to use them!!! im so into
    organizing.. so pleased to find you!!!

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