25 thoughts on “Ghost Cereal Box Prank

  1. as a non-american, i reckon it is INSANE how much boxes of cereals you have :o there’s like 100 boxes for every sort of cereal, how much of that
    expires before it get’s sold?

  2. “I feel like were on one of those- like “Hiden Camera Shows”

    Well you kinda are! ROFL xD

  3. I’d be so mad to open a new box of cereal and find its dust and crumbs
    because of this

  4. I’m probably incorrect because of the shelf structure; but, my theory
    states that there is someone on the other side (aisle) of the entire shelf
    assisting the whole process. Hearing customers or seeing customers, he/she
    knows when to push the cereal to the point at which it falls off the shelf.

  5. If you guys didnt know, hes using a really thin string thats taped or
    connected somehow to the cereal. You can see his hands pull back or his
    fingers pullback the string. He also makes the string go really low once
    hes done so people can walk over it

  6. not really scary because the dam night crew always overstock the cerial

  7. I bet there is fishing line underneath the boxes and when a cart hits

  8. Atari? Come on for real son? She could of at least thought of a name…..

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