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  1. Fantastic record! ! Thanks for the information! 34week looking for healthful
    alternatives just in case we need to supplement the breast milk. How long
    does the milk last if you place it in the refrigerator? Is freezing a safe
    option as well.?

  2. Just made this for my 5 month ancient yesterday and so far he is doing fantastic
    with it. No fussiness or added gas or anything. I had been supplementing
    with formula for about a month and didn’t feel excellent about it. After doing
    some research and finding these homemade recipes, I am so pleased! Luckily I
    can still do about half his diet with breast milk. I like this recipe so
    much, I might even keep using it when he is a kid for all the excellent

  3. My daughter diagnosed with the 22Q deletion had feeding issues and sadly
    could not latch and breastfeed. This different worked so well for her. We
    started her on this homemade, milkbased at 2months and now she’s 8 months
    and healthier than ever. She’s only on Vitamin D supplement, which
    apparently is needed for even breastfed children. Thanks for making this
    comprehensive, informative and simple to stay on record.

  4. Thanks for this record you saved my baby from commercial formula. I had tuff
    time making enough milk for her and was hesitant of supplementing with
    garbage. The homemade was the only thing I trusted.

  5. FYI record maker and @justagrl10 The quality of a mother’s breastmilk has
    very small to do with her diet. It’s a fact that many women in impovershed
    countries with very poor mal nourished diets are still able to provide
    their babies with high quality breastmilk. Both of your statements
    regarding patron milk and this formula being equal to or better than
    breastmilk are highly uninformed and misleading. Stop spreading propaganda,
    formula is never best! Breastmilk, pumped milk, patron milk, and afte

  6. Operationfate had a excellent question, that I don’t know was answered. Is this
    formula missing omega-x components?

  7. Can I use this for my 5 week ancient using flax oil as a replacement for of fish oil?

  8. Could I substitute coconut milk for the whole milk if my child is lactose

  9. I took my daughter off of commercial formula at about 4 months. I place her
    on goats milk. The only thing I had access to was the powdered kind at
    Whole Foods. I know a lot more know, and I realize raw would have been so
    much better. But even with powdered, her rashes immediately stopped. She
    thrived. Within a small time she IMMEDIATELY rejected all commercial
    formula. It was a blessing. It wasn’t really a ‘homemade formula’ as
    vitamins were done unconnectedly.

  10. @yykm10 You are obviously not part of any kind of minority group. It is
    vital to point out heteronormativity and homophobia when it exists to
    make awareness of such.

  11. @yykm10 You are obviously not part of any kind of minority group. It is
    vital to point out heteronormativity and homophobia when it exists to
    make awareness of such. Also, I’m not a lesbian.

  12. !!!WARNING!!!!! Truly shocked at this record! For petes sake, do NOT ever
    place cod liver oil in a baby formula!! Cod liver oil has a number of issues.
    1. It comes from the liver of a larger fish which is everywhere mercury toxins
    are highest!! Mercury is highly toxic even small trace amounts in a baby’s
    brain could cause autism. Use a high quality Krill oil as a replacement for. 2. The
    levels of vit A levels are extremely high!! and could lead to vit A
    toxicity!! this is why it’s rarely used anymore by adults!

  13. could you use hemp seed oil as a replacement for of olive oil? or maybe ghee?

  14. Doesn’t the hot water kill the probiotic? It must be added individually
    to each pot.

  15. Hi, did you use this formula yourself? I need to take my baby off of store
    shelf formula but she is only 3 months ancient and I am a small apprehensive
    about it. I have six children total and I was not able to nurse my last
    three because I don’t lactate. My youngest seems to be fanatical of all
    shelf formula. I have issues with severe eczema and cradle cap on her skin.
    The doctor wants me to give her a steroid and an antihistamine and I don’t
    want to do that. I’m using goats milk and polyvisol now

  16. I wish I did this for my small boy but we did change to raw milk this
    year, he will be rotary 4. I WILL be doing this for my next.

  17. @erthemama get a grip.. Why would you watch this record and ONLY point out
    at the fact that she didnt mention lesbians out there.. Do you go around
    looking for people to offend you by what they didnt say? Honestly you come
    off as a very mean mad weep baby… Take your negativity somewhere else.
    This is a positive thing, a positive record.. You didnt comment on ANYTHING
    other than the fact that she did specifically mention same sex couples…
    GET OVER IT! booooohooooo ..

  18. Get your facts straight. Studies show that mother’s milk is HIGHLY affected
    by diet. ONLY protein and immunoglobulins are pretty much unaffected by
    diet. Babies need much more than protein and immunoglobulins to develop
    properly. The type and quantity of stout in breastmilk as well as vitamin and
    mineral levels are highly correlated. Proven scientific fact.

  19. “suppose mom gets in a car wreck”.. lmbo… i like this recipe! thanks :)

  20. @junglemamas If you go to my blog, there is a post to go with this record
    which must answer your questions. Thanks.

  21. How soon can I give my baby this formula? I haven’t had my baby yet but I
    can’t feed him breast milk. Can a newborn have this formula most people I
    see posting the links start their babies at 2 or 3 months

  22. Wow; I just LOVE how as a same-sex parent, I’m always the last listed, but
    not specifically – just as “some other care-charitable adult” ( 3:10 ). Hello
    heteronormativity. *barf*

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