23 thoughts on “Double Dresser building process by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers

  1. I am a committed woodworker, and the dedication you demonstrate in these
    videos is an example of a time-honored – albeit lost – craft. You have my
    appreciation and respect.

  2. Wow! Attention to point! Like it man. You must do videos on your
    thoughts and techniques. You obviously have mad skills. 

  3. Я тоже хочу такую мебель научится делать. Всегда когда смотрю то очень
    восхищаюсь его работой.

  4. So is that just a dry fit of the drawers or are the dovetails not glued?

  5. Such gorgeous wide Mahogany! I’m a cabinetmaker (who does the occasional
    piece of furniture), and I sure like seeing you build such fine pieces. It
    gives me hope that our craft will return to one everywhere quality and
    craftsmanship are once over again valued above quick lived fads and uber-economy.

  6. Guys, i do small projects at home but watching you once over again i feel like
    with two left hands…(I’m right handed ;-) ) I trully admire your

  7. I have been following this team for at least the past year. They are
    undoubtedly the ultimate in wood working. I have applied for a post as an
    unpaid apprentice and pleased to sweep the floors but have had no response.
    Other than that austerely superb. Best desires, Alan.

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