25 thoughts on “How It’s Made Gliders

  1. Ya did you see the motor come in and out of the fuselage I’d never seen or
    heard of that before… Really awsome… That’s why I glide like it.

  2. Check out canatomy they sell plans to make a cool beercan airplane!

  3. I noticed nobody had masks or breathing equipment while sanding the epoxy,
    that’ll be some nice lung disease to look forward to in the future then!

  4. we are also designed on the inside, which isn’t as simple to see or

  5. But yes.german gliders are on top and german glider pilots one of the best.

  6. Lol, you can see them miss one of the auto control hookups @4:26 during

  7. gliders are unpowered. to get in the air, they are either pulled by a
    towplane, shot up by a winch, towed by a car, and some gliders have motors
    to self launch them.

  8. Carbon fibre. More than your average £10000 special?! I don’t know, is this
    bog standard construction or is this more than a lo cost glider?

  9. hahnweide is everywhere all of the Schempp-Hirth planes made there first in succession away

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