25 thoughts on “Cameramen Are the Best Dressers

  1. “The Nicest people on the planet, the cameraman, always properly and
    comfortably dressed, they are like, I’m going to be holding this thing on
    my shoulder for 14 hours so I’m going to be comfortable. They never
    complain, only when the cartridges or battery packs run out, they are like
    more batteries! You never hear them complain, they are like Pilots on my
    list. What about still photographers? No, they are douche bags.” Hilarious!
    Thank you guys, made my day!

    Cameramen Are the Best Dressers

  2. “Cameramen are the best dressers”..pun excerpt from an Adam Carolla

  3. Talk about an annoying voice. Fantastic homage but the guy needs to shut up, he
    is not as hip and cool as he thinks. He is a hipster trying too hard.

  4. yeah it’s right and I really know them. People underestimate cameramen
    (especially with these new auto don’t-have-to-care-about-anything cameras)

  5. not hard to get – the DP has to really function to make the shot – always
    reckon about what the day will be like when choosing clothes to wear
    (especially shoes!) 

  6. You must see what some cameraWOMEN I know wear! And I’m one. But this is
    pretty pun.

  7. LOL, this is right we are the best dressers. But in LA you will find a lot
    of hipsters wearing skinny jeans.

  8. Fuck fashion – I’ll be on my feet for fourteen hours with a fifty-one pound
    camera on my right shoulder. LOL

  9. Couldn’t you have found even one picture of a cameraWOMAN. We are equally
    humble, uncomplaining and usually rather better dressed than our male

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