25 thoughts on “Vegetables | Learn English | Vocabulary and Pronunciation

  1. Fantastic Record! Thanks for sharing

    I was poor in english and all used to laugh at me, but I did 2 things

    1) learned a lot from this Record
    2) used “iVocab” iPhone app by lokesh

    Now, I speak excellent sentences and I am pleased with myself

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  3. gracias ;vivo en los estados unidos , con razon es diferente . saludos bye

  4. It’s not /ˈdʒɪn.dʒe/…. it’s /ˈdʒɪn.dʒə/ ….. You’ve used “e” as a replacement for of

  5. I am from Brazil and I’m learn American English in U.S.A, New York and that
    videos it is helpful. Thank so much.

  6. Thank you for this very informative lesson on vegetables. :-) Among the
    ‘chillies’ I could see ‘paprika’ used as a spice. It is a word of Hungarian
    origin :-)))

  7. Hi, I made ​​this record for speaking their desire for victory with
    healthسلام از اینکه این ویدیو را برای زبان ساخته برای شان آرزوی سلامتی
    وپیروزی دار

  8. Then maybe we must start an infection maneuver and teach them that one
    does not austerely forget about cabbages…

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