Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat – Vibe

Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat - Vibe

  • Click tight installation system ensures thаt everyone саn install thе car seat securely аnԁ confidently bу јυѕt buckling thе seat belt
  • Safe cell impact protection іѕ аn integrated system οf safety components, including аn impact absorbing base, tether аnԁ harness, аn impact stabilizing steel frame, аnԁ complete side impact protection plus
  • Safe cell complete side impact protection plus provides аn advanced level οf protection: a deep protective shell absorbs crash forces аnԁ shields уουr child frοm debris, аnԁ аn energy-absorbing padding keeps уουr child’s head аnԁ neck secure
  • Qυісk-adjust, 9-position harness аnԁ 2-position buckle allows уου tο easily ɡο thе harness upward аnԁ buckle outward fοr a comfortable, secure fit аѕ уουr child grows
  • Front-adjust recline easily alters thе seat angle fοr уουr child’s comfort. Simple remove cover- Mаkеѕ cleaning hassle free

Thе perfect blend οf trusted safety, relaxing comfort аnԁ superior convenience mаkе thе frontier click tight аn exceptional harness-2-booster seat fοr уουr growing kid. Wіth thе revolutionary click tight installation system, now everyone саn install thе car seat securely аnԁ confidently bу јυѕt buckling thе seat belt. Yου austerely squeeze thе relief button tο open, buckle thе seat belt асrοѕѕ thе belt path аnԁ thеn click thе seat shut fοr a proper installation еνеrу time nο shoving, kneeing, οr yanking required. Safe cell impact protection surrounds уουr child іn safety components thаt work together tο protect well beyond thе established federal safety standards. Thе frontier click tight аƖѕο features complete side impact protection plus providing аn advanced layer οf protection wіth a deep protective shell аnԁ аn energy-absorbing foam padding designed tο keep уουr child’s head аnԁ neck extra secure.

List Price: $ 339.99

Price: $ 237.99

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    Fixed the Harness Problem for $0.88…, September 8, 2016

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    This assess is from: Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat – Vibe (Baby Product)
    We have been using this seat for just shy of a year now for my 5-year ancient. It is one of seven seats that I have owned and used for my kiddos over the years, so I feel like I’ve built up enough hours to be able to pick out a excellent product when I see it. I had really expected more from this seat. :(

    First, the excellent – the Clicktight figure is A-MAZING. I like it. That figure has single-handedly saved me from buying yet another seat for a different car as the install is simple enough that I don’t mind switching it between vehicles on a semi-recurring basis. Honestly I could foresee Clicktight ultimately replacing Latch altogether for forward-facing seats. I also thoroughly appreciate the max harness height, which is advertised as 20.5″ but by my measurement on my seat is more like 20″. Still, when you figure that most kids will outgrow this type of seat by height before weight (even my 95%+ small man), that is a majorly attractive figure – most other seats on the market max out at 18″. Between that and the nice long 10-year expiration, Britax had my wallet falling open for this product.

    Enter the downfall – After installing this seat in my husband’s car, which was a breeze, I thought I was all set. Then over the course of the first couple months or so there were several occasions when I’d go to get my son out of the car and find that his harness was way, way too loose. My husband commented that he was having vex tapering the harness so I gave it a try myself and literally COULD NOT get it to tighten up. (I have a different seat in my car, so hadn’t used this one myself yet). I’m talking full-body in the car with legs on the strap trying to pull it, with no success. We removed the seat and checked it out and didn’t see anything amiss so reinstalled it and hoped it was just manufactured too stiff and would loosen up over time. My husband gave it extra force from them on to get the harness better tightened, but it continued to bother me as I worried about my son’s safety anytime there wasn’t someone with superhuman strength to place him in. I called Britax at one point and they told me they had “never heard of this before” and suggested that I change the recline setting or just leave the harness tightened when taking my son out of the seat. The recline angle was too severe to fit in our car, and the pre-tightened harness approach was a major PITA, so that went nowhere. Finally I set to searching on the internet and found that people have been complaining about this issue with these seats since at least 2013!!

    Here’s the issue: The harness on this seat routes across two pieces of plastic on the back of the seat, each ridged on either side but with no backer plate. When you install the seat in many different vehicle types, the open channel gets pressed into the seat and the seat itself traps the harness straps in house, thus making it ridiculously hard to pull. Two of our three cars had this problem – a Ford Focus and a Ford Fusion. If you are lucky enough to have a car with more of a concave rear seat, like our get out of Magnum or cars with “control’s seats,” you won’t have this issue. You can literally see it from the side of the seat when installed. Just to confirm that this is what was happening, I bought a cheap $0.88 plastic cutting board at Walmart and stuck it between my car’s seatback and the car seat to “unsquish” the open harness channels and voila, %#$@ thing worked like a charm!

    Bottom line: This Britax seat has a point flaw that they could have fixed for literally a few bucks at the factory by adding a backer plate, but as a replacement for for years they have continued to sell it without concern for the many families who I am sure have slack harnesses on their kid because they aren’t able to get it to adjust correctly. I would probably be less irked if their help line hadn’t claimed ignorance, but it is still not OK.

    Don’t buy this seat unless 1) you are confident you have a concave seatback in your car, or 2) you feel safe jamming a plastic board behind it to make it work.

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    One major flaw, April 13, 2017
    Jesse D (Minnesota) –

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    This assess is from: Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat – Vibe (Baby Product)
    Its excellent but with one major flaw that will require you to fix. The back of it everywhere the belt runs back and forth will rub against your car’s seat and make it very hard to adjust the strap when the weight of your child is approaching on it.

    The solution is to get a thin piece of MDF the height and width of the back to sit behind the Britax so that there is a smooth surface between it and your car.

    Britax could easily fix this by just having a piece of plastic protecting the belt, but they choose to save 50 cents and make you run to home depot and do it yourself. Frustrating!

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    Small point flaw that makes a substantial safety issue, November 5, 2017

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    This assess is from: Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat – Vibe (Baby Product)
    When you first get this car seat, it seems fine. A small rattley, but okay. Then, you try to tighten the harness and you need a crane to pull up on it.

    As others have prominent, this is because the harnesses contacts the back of the car’s seat. So, sure it’ll wear out your seat over time, but that’s not the issue. The issue comes in the pictures I provided. The grooves that are supposed to hold the straps in alignment are only a part of an inch high allowing the harness strap to get wedged between the car’s seat and the Britax seat. This in turn makes the tapering of the harness extremely hard and often will result in the harness feeling snug when it’s not, only to find it loose by the time you’ve reached your destination.

    One commenter prominent that you can buy a cutting board and place it between the Britax and your car’s seat. She’s brilliant to have devised this solution, but it shouldn’t have been fixed in the first house. Plus, this doesn’t fix the pinching problem.

    So, really one star?! YES! Of course there are some nice qualities about this car seat, but the danger of the harness problem (reckon about the fact that it’s the harness that separates your child from the windshield) makes this a car seat one that must not be sold at all. I’d also be surprised if it was even tested at all.

    This point flaw could have been fixed with a smooth plastic retaining loop or perhaps a plastic backing. A few cents and a few hours of real world testing.

    I’m sure Britax’s lawyers are just peacefully and nervously waiting for the inevitable lawsuit. Run away.

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