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  1. Have you ever considered breastfeeding your baby it’s such a healthier way
    then some factory made formula

  2. Powder formula is just as simple roving as it is at home. Leaving water in
    the bottles to sit on the counter or in the diaper bag and add the powder
    as soon as baby is hungry (pre-measure powder in a container or formula
    despenser when roving). The formula is freshly made and already at room
    temperature. No refrigerating. No waiting on bottles to heat up. No
    waisting milk because it was left on the counter too long. This is also
    fantastic for late night feedings.

  3. Hi I Need Help My Baby Is Two Week And She Have A Lot Of Gases But I Don’t
    Know If The Similac Advance Formula, The One I’m Using To Feed Her Is Terrible
    For Her?? I Give Both To Her Brest Milk And Formula.. Please Help :/

  4. If you place the lid on before the nipple and collar, the born free bottles
    won’t leak! The lids fit over the solid white vent that goes on top of the
    clear vent. They never leak with the lid. That way you don’t have to screw
    it on so tight. After feeding it is very hard to unscrew the collar
    if you over tighten them.

  5. Thank you Jennifer! I’m in nursing teach and my classmate and I have to
    give an oral presentation on pot feeding/preparing formula. You have
    given us fantastic information along with how to bestow our speech!! Very
    helpful and appreciated!

  6. With my son, my parents and I always reused the mixed bottles left over he
    didn’t end. I never knew you had to throw them out, he did get thrush
    like 2 times. I wonder if this is from reusing them. I’m pregnant with my
    second and glad I know this and learned the formula feeding rules.

  7. another excellent formula is Gerber Excellent Start, I had my small man on it and he
    did fine, it really helped him with his reflux and gassy issues when he
    was teeny tiny. It is also cheaper than the enfamil and similar

  8. So glad! I reckon you must ideally buy sterile water from the store, I am
    not sure that all pot water is sterile, can you find sterile?

  9. Thank you so much Jennifer! Sometimes I question myself why I place myself through
    all the work it takes to do the videos and then I get a comment like yours
    and it gives me the strength and faith to go on!! Please check out my site
    too b/c there is alot of text content there and blogs, etc. Sending like, M

  10. You shouldn’t give it to the baby, I don’t know if it would be harmful, but
    I don’t reckon that is how they must be digesting the milk…

  11. I just wanted to say that I like your vids. Out of all the help videos I’ve
    looked at today, you are the most natural speaker, like you’re really
    just talking to us rather than reading from a script (and doing so very
    terribly in most cases I’ve seen!). I like that you just talk normally and
    make us laugh with some of the honest things you’ve said. The videos and
    directions are also really clear and detailed without being complicated. So
    a huge thank you!

  12. Hi. Our tap water from everywhere I’m from isn’t safe to drink. So I’m using
    pot water, is afuafina pot water safe? Do I have to boil the water
    also? I really like all your videos. They have helped me so much. Thank you

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