25 thoughts on “How to Make Doll Storage Spaces : Dressers and Lockers

  1. OH EM JEEEEE FABULLAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS (yes I am aware I misspelled fabulous)

  2. I already did this a while ago but it is ancient and was thrown out. :( It was
    such a excellent thought though, I might make it over again!

  3. OMG I just started watching this record and a advertisement interrupted me!

  4. hey guys she did a tutorial on lockers that open so check her channel

  5. Of course you can use an x-acto knife and cut it open adult supervision be

  6. is it possible if you could make lockers that you can open

  7. I’m going to try to make Monster High videos with my froggy stuff

  8. is there a record on how you made the hole teach including the cafeteria ?
    i really want to know

  9. I’ve made a cupboard that you can really pull out the droors and place stuff

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