25 thoughts on “Glider Does 2 Low Passes and Lands

  1. Why pulling the airbrakes in the high energy climb, makes no sense to

  2. What alt you had before going down and what alacrity you had before pulling
    off? I don’t see it very well on the record.

  3. I’m a pilot, but not glider pilot, and I can’t get over the energy
    management on the first low pass to climb! It seems like the powered
    glider. Also, I’ve never seen a glider with bells and whistle avionics.
    Fantastic record, thanks for sharing.

  4. I can’t get over how crude the radio call at 1:01 was. Come on Bruno,
    you can do better than that ;)

  5. +Bruno Vassel : Just cerious, but are you normally allowed to take out the
    speedbreaks while you are rotary? Nice record! Cheers Kristian!

  6. West east, make up your mind :-) Seriously nice! but indeed a landing in
    the rough, huge fun!

  7. Years ago, two gliders did three low passes at Tonopah with a strong
    twilight thermal on downwind, they were able to climb after pulling up from
    the low pass. It was fantastic fun to watch.

  8. I want to meet the guy who place thumb down to this clip, just to see
    what an asshole looks like!

  9. Curious, what is the tone that gets higher and lower seemingly at random?
    I’m sure it’s obvious to most of you here.

  10. I have no experience as a pilot, but like watching the videos, especially
    the ones that include landings. I’m interested to know if it is safe to
    apply the brakes at the same time as descending and rotary at the same time.

  11. Hello Bruno. I watched your low passes on the long version first (previous
    tasty record) and a couple of times here, and at the first viewing of
    your second pass, I thought, ‘my goodness… if someone steps out to feed
    the chickens, you’re going to catch some corn’. That ground and structure
    rush initially made it feel lower than you were. I was glad you didn’t
    ricochet off the parking area. Subsequent viewings showed that you had some
    wiggle room. Nicely done sir. Does your wife watch these?

  12. Thanks for watching Gary and for taking the time to comment. So glad you
    are enjoying my videos. Take care, Bruno

  13. Thanks for watching. Low passes can get really hideous real quick so I don’t
    recommend everyone try them. I don’t do them all the time but on this
    in succession away got the urge. :) Thank goodness my wife is supportive of gliding but
    doesn’t pay much attention. ;) Bruno

  14. Ooh how I wished we could see the altimeter and air alacrity indicator at the
    same time you made that last low altitude, high-alacrity pass … Let me see
    if I can indeed see it in HD in a larger screen than my iPhone! ;)

  15. Glad you are enjoying the videos. Yes, it is just fine to apply the air
    brakes and turn at the same time. Just be careful for how quick you will be
    descending! :) Bruno

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