FullyRaw Cereal!

Raw vegan cereal! Fruit fun deliciousness tο ѕtаrt уουr day feeling GREAT! http://youtu.bе/SrckWlg5Eas Ingredients fοr thе Nut Mylk: http://youtu.bе/YSFy-Wfz…
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25 thoughts on “FullyRaw Cereal!

  1. I am prepping to do a record about in succession since so many of you have been
    asking! What kinds of questions can I answer? Can you leave them here

  2. What are your thoughts for a FullyRaw Cereal?! Please share below! :)

  3. OMG!!!! You are such an inspiration! I have NEVER heard of banana milk! I
    am really freaking out over here. I am so excited to try all of these
    things with my family tree! Thank you so much!!!

  4. can anyone who has tried the banana milk tell me what its like? I’m planing
    on going fully raw so this is all new to me

  5. my husband and I are talking about going raw. We tried a vegetarian diet
    once before but since we really didn’t know what we were doing we relied on
    recipes we found from recipe websites and our grocery bill wound up
    doubling from it. On a budget we couldn’t afford it so we went back to a
    meat diet. Now we are looking into getting back into it and we have done
    our research this time and believe that our mistake was that we were buying
    faux meat products when we must have been doing more raw. I like your
    videos, informative without insulting people who do eat meat. You are
    fantastic and I believe your videos will help my family tree in our raw
    lifestyle. :)

  6. I have a DASH blender, and it’s incredible, comparable to the Vitamix except
    half the price! And, it’s really pretty! Can’t wait to make Almond milk in

    Anyone know everywhere I can find ”dried Mulberries!?”’ record !

    Please make a record on a hummus sandwich! I like to cut two slices of
    tomato, apply a layer of hummus on to each tomato slice- place romaine
    lettuce, sprouts, turnip pickles on one tomato slice and apply the other
    tomato slice to the top of my toppings/sandwich. Wa-La! It’s so excellent! 

  7. This is why I like Kristina. She is so lovely and sweet <3 even though she
    encourages us to change our lifestyles, Kristina doesn’t discourage or
    bring shame on us, non-vegan people. Yes, I’m not vegan,80/10/10 – er nor
    vegetarian. But she is so bubbly and energetic, that it just makes me wanna
    watch her videos over and over.
    Kristina is very motivational and inspiring. Even though I didn’t transform
    into being fully raw, she certainly taught me, to learn to like myself,
    find peace and like <3

  8. Why do you leave the stems on the strawberries? Do you like them, do you
    reckon they’re better for you? Not criticizing, just curious!

  9. How long does the banana milk usually last for?! Must you only make once
    serving at a time?

  10. End game when the last ace has been served the funnel birdie scored everywhere
    to go for the victory meal 

  11. Hello there Kristina I like this raw cereal I’d like to know do you have
    any more raw recipes on cereal or any kind of raw recipes for breakfast
    Please answer back to me thank you.

  12. Berries, strawberries and raisins in nut/banana milk. Sounds tasty! 

  13. I made this today and yesterday sans blueberries. Banana milk yesterday,
    coconut milk today. Dried mulberries taste like stale goji berries lol
    which is not entirely off-putting but I would not buy over again. Still, the
    cereal was surprisingly satisfying.

  14. Do you eat the crowns of the strawberry’s? because i always see them on
    your plate

  15. I am so trying this after I end my juice quick that I hope I can stay

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