25 thoughts on “Drawer Organizer – Do It, Gurl

  1. Like your thought gurl! Plotting to do over my drawers. Thank you, keep the
    videos coming.

  2. If you don’t like messing with cutting and fitting the paper, use leftover
    spray paint and paint them either all the same color, different colors, or
    camo style with different colors on a box.. Best to paint each with a
    primer layer of black or white first so the print doesn’t show through. 

  3. Don’t need make up so pretty if guy can’t see that then his lost like

  4. You rock gurl! Watched this (1st record from you) and subscribed

  5. i did this it was fun i really like ur videos can u stay on me on instagram
    my user is instagrl555 plz

  6. You’re soooo awesome and i loviiii your personality:))

  7. Can you use duct tape to decorate the box? There is a lot of trendy duct
    tape out there and I want to use it. ♥

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