25 thoughts on “BREASTPUMP FAIL!

  1. its pun i was doing the same thing with mine just the other day

  2. Why edit your breast out before pumping? That’s not very educational.

  3. I was looking at reviews for the Team associated SC10B rc truck.
    and now I am here.
    Well played internet….well played.

  4. Did you ever get this working? My pump is different but I had to do both
    left and right at the same time to make suction. Doing just one side at a
    time is possible on mine if you closed off the tube to the second one. I
    just pump both at the same time and it only takes about 10 minutes

  5. people only watch her vids cause they wanna see t*ts?!?!?!!! GROW UP!!!!!!!

  6. Come on, we have gorgeous breasts and do not want to teach?

  7. It seems like the suction flange isn’t sealed and that’s why your not
    getting any suction. It makes me unquestionably sick the amount of haters you
    have on this record. Look at the manual of the pump. This is the lasinoh
    double electric right? Your probably just forgetting a part or something :)

  8. I have that pump as well. did you plug up the other side with the cheap
    plastic thing? If you dont it wont suction well.

  9. No, nunca logré que funcionara…. aun no sé cuál es el problema!

  10. You can use one side. I have a Medela, but it has a small plug to insert
    into the hole that isn’t being used (as a replacement for of attaching the tube on the
    side not being used).

  11. youre excellent.. you give inspiration to other mommy just continue it take care

  12. My daughter was much more efficient than the pump! And she didn’t hurt! The
    pump did.

  13. I have the same pump. The directions show you how to use it properly, but
    if patience isn’t your strong suit, I’ll tell you all what the problem is.
    The tube that isn’t attached to the 2nd pump has to be closed off or the
    suction won’t work for either side. To do this, you can A) take the open
    end and cap it off with the plastic piece in the middle of the tubing, or
    B) Only use one tube hooked directly from the pump to the suction cup. It’s
    really that simple.

  14. i cant get anything out with a pump… when my son was younger he was in
    the nicu… so he didnt get any breast milk from me no matter how hard I
    tried… :(

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