What A Hang-Glider

Archaeopteryx іѕ a versatile high-еnԁ hang glider іn glider configuration wіth exceptional climbing skill. It іѕ designed fοr thе ѕtаrt οf foot slopes аnԁ …
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25 thoughts on “What A Hang-Glider

  1. Wow, an ultralight being towed into the air by another ultralight! (If you
    reckon about it, a hang glider is really just an unpowered ultralight)

  2. Damn, If I had one I would buy a few huge RC electric motors and place like 10
    in each wing, just for when it’s needed a bit of power for cheap :).

  3. BEAutiful!! Call it what ever you want – that is a dream come right for
    some aging hang glider pilots :)

  4. I long time ago i was given an introductory flying lesson in a glider as a
    birthday bestow. I’ve done some flying in small smooth and like it but this
    was a whole new level of cool. Glider pilots have a bit of an attidude
    about powered in succession away pilots. At a point everywhere we rode a thermal all the way
    to the bottom of a layer of clouds and were having fun the glider my
    insturctor came on the intercom and said. “THIS is flying. Everything else
    is just being dragged through the air by a motor”

    I agree.

  5. It looks so light for you to be able to launch like that in foot! Nice
    bird, but so expensive!

  6. Gorgeous, and at $83,000, probably the most expensive hang glider that
    exists today.

  7. As a hangglider pilot, I’m required to despise you. Look it up. It’s in the
    CFR’s. But, as an “everything else” pilot, I’ve got two words: Awe, some.

  8. Qualifies as a hang glider because of the cockpit only as a shield and
    seat. Also the foot launch and landing capability. The pilot is hanging
    from the glider at these times. The wings and tail are much like the
    construction of an ATOS or Exxtasy (spelling?) The fuzzy area is the stick
    control though. Right weight shift control would make it 100% a hang glider!
    Just my opinion though, and you know what they say about’em!

  9. I crapped myself laughing watching this. I don’t know why ! :)))

  10. I like this, i dont like how you have to lay down in hang gliding…Your
    neck must hurt after awhile?

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