25 thoughts on “How to build a dresser

  1. After retireing I started woodworking about 7 months ago. I am light years
    better than when I started. After looking at your work I must declare that
    you are much better than an amateur woodworker. As for the complaints don’t
    worry about it. If they know anything, they must be able to see this
    record and figure it out quite easily. This is excellent stuff. I’m impressed.
    It’s all about having fun and it looks like you’re doing just that. Didn’t
    know what they were saying but loved the music…Chuck.

  2. Thank u for ur observations, any clamp, u can use any kind of clamp. Just
    something for make difficulty board to board.

  3. @saucychurch23 Thank you man… very appreciated yours observations.

  4. @sstoys1000 Sorry, but I don’t have any plot, just one on my mind.. lol.
    but many people question me for the same thing… sorry, maybe pretty soon I
    make the plans…. thank you for watching.

  5. Hola, mira, precisamente por eso la hice yo, mi esposa tambien siempre
    buscaba algo asi y es dificil encontrar algo con esas dimenciones… ok, en
    realidad no se mucho de medidas en centimetros, pero en pulgadas son como
    23 pulgadas que equivale a mas o menos 58.30 centimetros. Espero te ayude
    la informacion y gracias por ver el record.

  6. @jsw3007 Yes I know Alvaro Lopez is one of the best drummers of Mexico, he
    was with Castillo Fuerte?

  7. Not sure what I like more, the fantastic work or the fact you have also
    incorporated Worship to God in the record! Awesome stuff bro!! (Vertical! is
    rock’n bro!). So, you probably know who Alvaro Lopez is then………… ;0)

  8. for an amateur woodworker you must be a professional, very nice and rock
    solid, also one less import from china!

  9. Freakin awesome, but 1 coat of liquid schooner would have made it look even
    better, just sayin.

  10. @Scott9906 Thank you man for your opinion, is ok. About the plywood is
    something different, i won’t use just hardwood, but anyhow, thank you.

  11. Don’t know what you’re talking about. It looks professional to me. Fantastic

  12. I like the small details like the grooves in the drawer faces. Small
    things like that add a lot of character, especially after you place the
    end on it. I’m currently building the cupboard and armoire for my next
    child and just finished the bookshelf…I reckon I’ll use your grooves in my
    drawer faces too.

  13. Ok. Para empesar se be orrible. . No!!! Es broma.. esta muy vien tu diseño
    y quisiera copearlo Si me pudieras desir que medidas. . Solo para darme una
    thought .. tambien. Que topic de madera . Y Si pudieras aser un record talves
    con instruciones en como aserlo estaria genial muy Buen trabajo

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