GMO Baby Formula

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25 thoughts on “GMO Baby Formula

  1. you Americans that reckon formula is okay for your children i reckon you
    must first look at the end result of a child raised on it

  2. For crying out loud ladies nurse your babies!! I wish I had been blessed
    enough to of had the chance to be a mother. You have no thought the gift you
    have. Unless you physically can’t nurse for medical reasons then no other
    reason is excellent enough not to nurse your own baby.

  3. There are formulas without GMO ingredients (Nature’s One). Go research.
    Well loved brands like Similac and Planet’s Best are GMO. You must not feed a
    baby under 12 months any formula, you can as a replacement for get frozen mother’s milk
    at your local hospital (moms donate milk all the time).

  4. Not sure if that is a serious question, but the first few years of a
    child’s development are the most critical. Nothing has ever proven to be as
    healthful for a child as their mothers milk. What blows my mind is how few
    people really realize just how essential it is.

  5. 301 views on this record too. Does YouTube limit the view count on infowar’s

  6. Wow, a bodybuilder is watching an Alex Jones record? It’s a waste of your
    time, (like me trying to talk to you) because stupidity is terminal.

  7. sounds like you place too much stock in others to commence with. dont be pro or
    anti anyone. go case by case. it’s too simple to throw the baby out with the

  8. its unquestionably terrible these people need to be stopped we can only do our
    best with the people we can reach. every minute, every hour, every day we
    win the fight don’t give up on the people you care about peace,like,best
    desires david.

  9. Damn there kicking the war off very peacefully .even children aren’t safe

  10. OMG! Soy is one of the most harmful foods you can give an infant. The
    phyto-estrogens in soy cause unbelievable, permanent hurt! Read a book
    titled ‘The Whole Soy Tale’.

  11. It breaks my heart and I beat myself up sometimes since I can no longer
    breast feed my daughter. Not only do i miss the bonding but breast truly is
    best. Other than the formula, my daughter is on a strictly organic diet. I
    make all of her food too.

  12. I hang circular with links to sites & lots of different things. i hadnt
    thought of that. ill add that to the list.! thats fantastic to hear . i like
    healring ppl are out doing stuff offline to wake ppl up & change the
    direction this country is heading.

  13. Also, breast milk is the way babies are supposed to get their immune
    protection; from their mother, NOT from vaccines!

  14. I like getting my bizarre conspiracy shit from this smooth spoken black man
    than from Alex. Let’s just change this to the “smooth spoken young black
    man paid by Alex Jones channel”.

  15. stones? are you from the 1600′s? lol j/k i like that kinda stuff. sounds so
    much nicer the “pounds”..

  16. soy has high levels of estrogen mimicking molecules. It must never be fed
    to babies. It can reduce fertility in males and alacrity up puberty in females
    along with increased probability of ovary and mammary gland cancers.

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