25 thoughts on “What Is The Best MTG Gaming Playmat? A Guide To Ultra Pro, Inkedplaymats & More! Magic The Gathering

  1. After I saw the play-mat tubes I lost it. That was a small insane.
    What’s next? A play-mat tube container? lol.

  2. howw do u wash a mat? i got 3 , world of warcraft ones, my championship one
    and my scourgwar are my fav i use

  3. Very weird with Dragon Shield! I certainly didnt see that one coming.

  4. You know, I also found it pun how people store the playmats. They are
    used to keep grime out of the cards yet many players roll the mat the incorrect
    way, causing the dirt to get on the mat itself anyhow lol. 

  5. When did you buy the Dragon Shield playmat? I got one aswell – bought about
    1 month ago. It is way different from the one you show in the record. It
    isn’t crumpled, the plastic and rubber feels very “thick” and clean when
    you touch it/roll it up/house cards on it. Maybe Dragon Shield changed
    their playmats and you got one of the older versions?

  6. I really delight in your videos. As a newcomer to the game they are fantastic.
    Your attention to point and fantastic production really shows in the final

  7. Another fantastic record! I was wondering if you were doing a record on non ultra
    pro deck boxes?

  8. Obligatory apology for the the tardiness of this record. I had to abort the
    one on foils due to a foolish attempt on my part to learn flash animation.

    A lot of players make the mistake of thinking that a playmat is a luxury
    accesory. They look cool, can have artwork that the player likes, and
    possibly help define your game space on the table. But these are merely
    perks to the real reason we use a playmat, which is: to keep our cards
    clean. This is the criteria you must be using above all else, not whether
    or not it has awesome art on it, but as a replacement for whether or not it acheives the
    overall goal of protecting your investment.

  9. Is it cheaper to make a playmat cover using pvc pipes? If it is, would it
    be comparable to proprietary covers?

  10. Did you know any other Sources for custom playmats (prefeable in europe), i
    was only able to find one vendor in germany everywhere i ordered my contemporary
    playmat (result http://imgur.com/a/QC6jh , theses guys claim to use a
    different making process) but i am curious if YOU know any others than
    inked Playmats

  11. dude thanks for the helpfull vid if you didnt make this vid i would have
    wrecked my mat by folding it. your card sleeve vids are even more helpfull
    thanks so so much

  12. hey did you post a bunch of videos showing your awesome key room and
    pool? your voice sounds super familiar to the guy in that record.

  13. I just bought two playmats off of Inked. I hope they get here before the
    preprelease next weekend!

  14. Another fantastic assess! Well done. I never knew that I could wash my play
    mat! Silly me.

  15. When I wash my play mat in the washing machine must I use soap or just
    the water and must I place it in the dryer afterwords I know it’s kind of
    an odd question but I’m curious on the best way to clean it

  16. So how do you wash playmats? Can you just do them as usual with the rest of
    your clothes or do they have to be done unconnectedly? :)

  17. Heck here pretty soon were going to be putting a plastic cover over our
    plastic tubes that protect our plastic mats that protect or plastic sleeves
    that protect our penny sleeves that protect our cardboard cards. I can see
    it in the future everywhere they have cool designs on the Matt tubes so then you
    want a another plastic cover to protect it lol. That’s a lot of plastic

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