25 thoughts on “Types of Cloth Diapers (and How to Use Them)

  1. Super helpful! Was so curious and you’ve answered all of my questions!

  2. This record was so helpful! I’m trying to figure out what type of cloth
    diapers to shop for as a first time mom preparing for a baby and was
    feeling so confused. This record was exactly what I needed. Thanks! 

  3. I reckon my baby likes the signal of your voice, she was kicking and sliding
    through the whole record! Thanks for all the info, youre making my choice
    really simple! 

  4. this will be the first time i try to use cloth diapers and this record help
    sooo much. thank you

  5. Can you lay an insert or prefold inside a fitted diaper to up absorbency,
    just as an around the household without a cover option?

  6. Question: This may seem obvious, but in the All In One diapers, you
    supposedly take off the diaper and just throw it in the wash. How does this
    work out practically speaking? Do you throw a soiled poopy diaper into your
    washing machine, or do you rinse it off first or something? I’m kinda
    having a hard time imagining just throwing poop into a washing machine. 

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  8. Thank you so much for your hard work in making such a useful, informative and
    practical record!! I live in S.Korea and am going to be mom in 3 months.
    I’ve been worried of using cloth diapers because of too many options to
    choose. Now, I’m getting close to choose the brand for diapers though.
    Thank you!

  9. I change every 1-2 hours austerely because I know he’s wet and don’t see the
    point in leaving him in a wet diaper if it doesn’t cost me anything to
    change him, ha. ;) It really depends how ancient your baby is because obviously
    a newborn needs more changes than a kid, but I would say two dozen
    diapers and wipes would be a excellent amount to start with for every other day

  10. Thank you for your record. I used it to clarify to my husband all the
    different types of cloth diapers.

  11. I’ve never seen prefolds as cheap as that, especially as they go up in
    price as you go up in size. I really like that flats are a single
    layer–makes line drying a breeze too :). Fantastic record.

  12. Thanks for the record! I did not cloth diaper with my first but I chose to
    with the new one on the way. It all seems a bit overwhelming but this record
    has clarified a lot for me!

  13. @plus1please I really bought 1 Charlie banana cd and it fits my kid
    very well he had no leaks last night I also bought bumgenius and
    thirsties (: I hope there excellent as well, is there a specific website were
    you buy your cloth diapers ?

  14. Any tales of the baby undoing the “snappy” (the rubber thingy with claws)?

  15. This is by far the most informative record on cloth diapers I have found!
    Thank you so much! :) I am only 21 and still in Academe, but me and my
    partner like the thought of cloth diapering and will certainly be using them
    when we eventually have children! I also make cloth sanitary pads for a lot
    of people, and this was useful as far as fabrics go! :)

  16. Hey I wanted to post this record to my website but you disabled embedded?
    You do realize your loosing out on views and potential clicks for your ads
    just because you chose to do that… This record is very informative… if I
    can’t find another satisfying one I will just link it to here, if not I’m
    gonna use another one. Just to let you know, you must let people embedd
    your videos. Excellent job btw, thanks for making this peace

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