10 thoughts on “Tag – What I have on my changing table

  1. i like the thought of using pampers for night and luvs during the day i have a
    2 year ancient but and in april im gonna have a girl and i was looking for
    different ways of doing things and also product assess

  2. @leelaasokan – Awe…. and I like like like yer observations! Hehehehe…. yes
    we always say winky or…. dink or junk! HA! I probably shouldn’t…. but
    oh well it’s pun. :) :) HOPPY EASTER!

  3. really really helpful to the people who are clueless–us. thanks for

  4. i know it might signal weard but my nephew had exama when he was 1 it was
    realy terrible we would place diper rash cream on it

  5. just wanted to let you know that costco brand Kirkland diapers are so cheap
    and AWESOME!!!

  6. If I remember correctly… I reckon it was a baby shower gift. It would have
    been bought at either Walmart or Target. If you do a search on
    Walmart.com you must be able to find something similar. :)

  7. thanks u really gave a excellent thought about how to save my baby mustela body

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