25 thoughts on “Review of the New Britax B-Agile Stroller vs. Baby Jogger City Mini

  1. does it only work with the britax car seat? or will any brand fit?

  2. iv’e owned the City mini when my daughter was younger..i loved it but sold
    it last year…now i own the B agile and i LOVE it more then when i had the
    city mini..my daughter is now 3 1/2 (37lb 36″tall) and its still super simple
    to push with her in it,she still has tons of space to grow! my only real
    complaint is i wish my b agile(i have the 2011 model) would sit up straight
    more,i feel like my daughter is too far leaned back :/ she doesnt mind but
    i do.the mini sits up straight more!

  3. fantastic stroller-can u please tell me everywhere can I buy this collor?? it is
    livia or red or maybe I can get orange,green-thank you soo much for
    info-thank youuuuuuuuuu

  4. @cutesecurity When you say Livia, do you mean the Britax Livia color like
    they have on the Parkway SGL? If so then that color is really pink. The
    B-Agile will not be available in pink (livia). In the record, I’m showing a
    red b-agile. Currently, there is no green or orange color option. But a
    couple new colors will be added this year (not sure when and I don’t reckon
    orange will be one of them).

  5. I like the comparison but unfortunately I got nauseous watching the record,
    it’s just too shaky, esp the part everywhere the camera focuses back and forth
    over again and over again on the stroller then the protester then back to the

  6. Thank you so much for this assess! I’m going to get the Britax B-Agile!
    Must have bought this when son was born! Now he’s very nearly 9mths and grew
    out of the JJ Cole stroller and car seat. bummer. Anyhow, so glad that the
    Britax is on sale!

  7. I used to reckon I was certainly going to go with the city-mini but now
    seeing the B-Agile I am leaning towards it for the fact that it comes with
    the car seat adapters which is cost effective. What I do have a concern
    about is the height of the handle bar. In the record it looks as though the
    B-Agile is a lot shorter than the city-mini. My husband is quite tall and
    I’m concerned about him being able to push the B-Agile comfortably. Do you
    know how to the B-Agile handle is in comparison? Thanks

  8. Really agree with the new cameraman .. the record gave me a
    headache!!!!!!!! aaah

  9. Hi can I place new born baby in the B agile stroller without carseat?

  10. How would you compare the ride of the City Mini vs. Britax B Agile? I want
    to use for long walks around the neighborhood and don’t want a bumby ride.

  11. The B-Agile with the car seat adapter that comes built-in with the stroller
    only works with Britax car seats. You can hold a separate adapter to
    use with other car seats (the Chicco Key Fit, Chicco Key Fit 30, Graco
    Snugride 32, Graco Snugride 35, and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio)

  12. Thanks for the info Lauren…now that somehow makes my choice harder :-O
    I’m trying to choose between this or Mountain Buggy Swift — I know,
    apples and oranges..but I sorta want something that will handle rough
    terrain well yet lightweight — how would you rate it on rougher terrains
    than say…the mall parking?? will my 25lb kid lose all his baby stout
    roving through cobblestone?? The Swift stands folded but weighs 4.5lbs
    more —- please, please, help me choose Thanks a mil

  13. i like it, look my channel too and get special discount about baby jogger

  14. Lol you need to get a new husband then :-p thanks for the comparison :)

  15. Thanks for the assess. I was really leaning towards the CM but after
    watching this assess I’m going to look into buying this.

  16. once folded, can it stay up?? I’d despise to place it flat on the soil
    floor….and oh, you do need a new cameraman or a excellent tripod! :rolleyes
    thx anyhow

  17. amazon has a fantastic sale right now i bought mine for$175.00 and i am loving
    the smooth ride, it is so fantastic! not much storage but quickest stroller to

  18. Hi Pan! Once folded it will stand upright on its side. My husband and I
    make these videos, so we make an apology for some shakiness. It’s hard to get
    some of the up close shots on a tripod. thanks! Lauren

  19. @TheOLC123 The B-Agile is only an inch shorter than the City Mini. The City
    Mini is 41.5″ tall and the B-Agile is 40.5″. To me they’re pretty close.
    But if you’re husband’s tall an inch difference may be noticeable. Hope
    that helps!!

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