25 thoughts on “Rampage Jackson Shows Off His Crib

  1. looks like Irvine calif. nice pad, home prices back up so crib worth about
    800,000. hope you bought it right. you earned it bro- the way you make a
    living aint simple.

  2. *Rampage Jackson Shows Off His Crib*

    Reebok athlete and former UFC champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson gives us a
    tour of his home in Orange County, California.

  3. Plus nobody is there own boss or PPV star. Pacquiao or Floyd can push their
    own PPV and collect a percentage and their purse. Dana controls everything
    at UFC no matter how huge the star is, that’s why so many guys left miserable.

  4. An athlete in the dying sport of boxing can buy all of this after a fight.
    Dana needs up the fighters pay. Longtime champions must be getting paid
    3-5MUSD a fight, not 400k-800k. It’s a freaking joke. We’re not in 2005
    anymore, Dana. Can’t stand the guy anymore. I know that Rampage is passed
    his prime, but holy crap. Only fighters like Silva, GSP and Jones can get a
    serious endorsement right now. 

  5. This dude spends all that money to get his name on everything but spends
    nothing do show his Pride and UFC belts. He just puts them in a shelf
    like a high teach trophy pool. 

  6. His net worth is $12 million. Not terrible at all for an MMA fighter who gets
    paid chicken feed by Dana White and other crooks.

  7. Josh you are a man that understands business. Most people respond with
    emotion like teenage girls and not their intelligence. The money is there
    at the UFC and those guys are Just as greedy as boxing promoters. People
    say its taking over boxing but they are young and don’t realize that boxing
    is OLD MONEY. It’s well established and people with real wealth invest in
    it that’s why boxers make so much money and MMA guys don’t. 

  8. What’s everybody gloating about? He’s got a sick pad in posh Orange County
    Ca with three supped up cars. He’s got two tales with a furnished attic
    and nice pool and yard. All while raising several children. Still, the
    fights this guy has provided the world are priceless. I want to see
    him in a Palace in Beverly Hills, with a fountain in the driveway with a
    bronze statue of him howling, or slamming Ricardo Arona.

  9. “I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t mess around with no sharks.” Hahaha

  10. him and AL bundy have something in common….theyre both has beens that now
    suck! lol lol the A TEAM show….that shit was the worst thing ever just
    like his dull ass fight that need editing after he gasses out after 30
    seconds lol lol niggas in front of the liquor store have better stamina

  11. Stay positive…… awesome, Rampage must take his own advise.

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