18 thoughts on “Orbit Baby Travel System – Review Video

  1. The thought is fantastic but the price is not economical. Also would someone
    really want to lug a kid out of the car and install the tods carseat in
    the stroller? Sounds like a lot of work. Too expensive for me! I’ll stick
    with my convertibles that allow a longer time rear facing to keep my kids
    as safe as possible.

  2. wow this is incredible!!is this avalibl ein the uk as i have only seen
    americans with it i would like one of these!!!

  3. @x0morningglory0x I agree with you but even parents that have been around
    the block is going to buy this stroller. Sometime people want, what they
    want no matter the price. If you can afford it I say go for it. These
    strollers are not suppose to be affordable, thats why they stand out so
    much from a ordinary strollers.

  4. wow I really wanted one, then I saw the price tag lol I could buy a used
    car for that lol

  5. Very certainly a high-end item. There are cheaper seats out there, but the
    point is very cool. Being able to dock it sideways and then twist it into
    house is a cool and practical figure.

  6. The features of this system are incredible, but its sooo hideous, I wouldn’t want
    it for free!

  7. I reckon the way it clips in is excellent, I’d have to research the safety test
    of the whole rotation thing, but I reckon the actual stand is hideous,
    certainly not for me!!

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