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  1. Pregnant? Mom to be? Here’s are the essentials I reckon you must
    consider for your nursery. Hope this helps! 

  2. I wish i got everything ready before my daughter was born. I still need to
    get drawers, changing table and shelf. Then everytime i save up i end up
    buy ing her clothes or cloth nappies. Need to get on track so I can get all

  3. This is a fantastic thought and one that I have been recommending lately b/c you
    don’t necessarily need to waste all that money up front for a crib!

  4. Nicpey: I really appreciate all the support you always give, it gives me
    the strength to keep doing these videos!!

  5. As a NICU nurse I can tell you that sleeping with your baby is not safe AT
    ALL. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the baby must
    take a nap lonely, in a crib or bassinet with a firm mattress, on their back with
    nothing else in the crib :)

  6. My baby sleeps in a portable cot. She is 11 months. But eventually we will
    need to buy a crib or kid bed.

  7. I would never place my children in a pack n play. Would you take a nap on card

  8. I despised my nursing chair and the crib, pack n play, and stroller have never
    been used more than a handful of times. No one NEEDS a nursery. It’s just a
    fun extra if you have the money and desire. A sofa is perfect for nursing
    and watching videos to distract yourself and bedsharing is a safe option
    for most parents.

  9. Hi Melissa, I’m so glad to have found your videos, they are SO helpful in
    plotting for my small one in a few weeks! I happen to be one of the folks
    that don’t care for the look for the nursing glider, but, I do like
    yours with the stripes – may I question everywhere you bought the chair/pad? Thank
    you so much for your time and your help, this info is so valuable.

  10. I didn’t reckon we needed a nursing chair or a changing table. After missing
    the support in my back while nursing and having soreness in my hips from
    getting off the floor changing diapers while still healing from delivery…
    I am certainly getting both for baby #2!

  11. My mom found that fabric for me and she had a supporter who covered the chair
    - it is not the best looking thing point-wise, but we still sit in it all
    the time! it is so comfortable! I don’t know that I will be able to get rid
    of mine, I am so attached to it! I am so pleased you like the videos!! xoxo

  12. i have c sections so bending over n changing the baby on the bed was
    pretting hard cuz i had a local spinal annesthesia kills your back
    seriously.. so a changing table is a must :)

  13. depends on how independant u want your baby to be… i had all these for my
    first two n used them all to the fullest.. expecting my third now :)

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