25 thoughts on “New Cloth Diaper Products 2013

  1. One of my favorite brand is lovely pocket diapers they work fantastic and are
    cheap in price ! 

  2. Wow! What an awesome record! Thankyou for putting so much work into it. I
    cant wait to start adding to my stash now. :)

  3. I like that grey is a huge thing, since we are hoping to be pregnant soon,
    and I like grey!!

  4. Fantastic Record! I was really pleased to hear about the Newborn kit!!

  5. You are so pretty!!!
    Diapers wise, I despise fuzzibunz… I have 1 and it leaks everytime I use it.
    Bumgenious 4.0 never fail. 

  6. G Diapers has two new prints one is checkered and the other has shinny silver
    and pink

  7. I reckon that OKaty is really done making diapers. thats what I heard
    anyhow. I am glad that I kept all mine! :)

  8. Charlie Banana did announce new prints a few months back…they are in the
    Boot Camp packs

  9. Can you do a record on sloomb products and how to about them?? I’d really
    like to get some of them but want to make sure I know everything
    before I waste the money on them lol

  10. cotton babies also retired Irwin and albert….so sad!

  11. That was all the way back in October 2012 :) They were featured in last
    year’s “new products” record haha

  12. I’m loving that foxes are on trend right now; I reckon they’re so cute! I
    like foresty themes in general though. I loved very nearly all of Tots Bots new
    prints too!

  13. You have helped me so much with cloth! I really do delight in your videos! Thank
    you for being so informative and releasing videos like this! I like prints
    and am sad about some of the discontinued bumgenius colors! Thanks over again!

  14. I certainly like the chevron prints! I’m new to cloth and excited to start
    with my small man. I’m curious to know what to do with ancient used
    liners/inserts. I inherited some GroVia one size and the liners/insets are
    really worn out. Can I still use them or can I exchange them somewhere? Do
    companies recycle used liners/insets?

  15. If you’re “knee deep” in cloth diapers, you must really do laundry more
    often ;)

  16. Hi! I have a semi random question. My son has cerebral palsy. We cloth
    diaper him. He’s 23 months and about 29lbs right now but we’re unsure if
    he’ll ever potty train or when he might potty train. I’m trying to start
    collecting diapers that might fit him as he gets older so we can cloth
    diaper him as long as possible. Have any suggestions for diapers that fit
    larger babies/kids?

  17. Ragababe just released a bunch of new prints and colors (paint spatter,
    prism, slate, teal, a berry/purple one, and a new newborn diaper & wet bags)

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