My Top 3 Strollers!!!

Thіѕ іѕ a record comparing mу top 3 strollers. Featured аrе a 2011 Uppa Baby Vista іn Denny, Maclaren Volo іn Coffee аnԁ a Bugaboo Bee Special Edition!!! Thаn…
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25 thoughts on “My Top 3 Strollers!!!

  1. Not smart. How do you give explanation for buying 3 EXPENSIVE strollers??!
    $800+$700+$70??!! FOR ONE CHILD?! Im a mother of three and I have used only
    two strollers for all three of my kids. I have the City Select Baby Jogger
    and a first years umbrella stroller for when we travel. The City Select was
    a bit pricey but it is sturdy and has stood the test of time with all three
    kids. Its fantastic on all terrain for very nearly any climate. I couldnt stop
    shaking my head watching this record…..u paid so much for the strollers
    yet you didnt want to get the $30 cup holder? There are more vital
    things to invest money on. This is what people with too much money do. And
    to say “well i can afford it” would make it even more ridiculous. 

  2. I have 3 strollers as well and they all are used for different things and i
    don’t reckon it’s ridiculous i reckon it’s smart

  3. U dont have a cup holder but u have 3 strollers ????? A small lost 

  4. I reckon one full size stroller system and an umbrella is the perfect fit
    for most moms. I have the Skate system as the full and the liteway by
    chicco as the umbrella stroller for when a full size isn’t suitable.

  5. you really don’t need 3 different strollers just for one child….. just
    find a fantastic stroller that can do everything you need it to do and that is
    not huge. and why waste money on strollers and you can place that to something
    you really want or need for you or your child.

  6. 25 lbs and thats heavy? need three strollers? Did not buy cup holder
    because it adds $30? and you bought a $700 stroller :) wow. And you got
    yellow cover because it looked cool? OMG..How about donating a stroller to
    folks who does not have money to buy a stroller….Investment..LOL. 

  7. Thanks for the help!!! I’ve been going back and forth with about 4
    strollers, 2 of them being Bugaboo and Uppababy. Like your assess!

  8. OMG! I am so glad I found people like me. I do have four right now
    though,with Aston Martin being the one. Like really recommend. How many
    cribs do you have? I reckon 5 is the right number!

  9. You can find affordable strollers that do basically the same things.

  10. I reckon you are right, although i probably wouldnt own 3, but each stroller
    does its own job. I live in a climate everywhere its super snowy in chill, so
    you need a stroller with huge wheels, high suspension, giant hood, but then
    over again in the summer u want something that is compact, folds up nicely and
    keeps baby cool. So i have 2. If i could afford it though, trust i would
    buy a 3rd one. Fantastic assess. Thanks

  11. Yo the Maclaren stroller is mad nice i like that one the best i live in the
    city of New Orleans, and i catch the street car all the time with my
    girlfriend, and our son he’s 2 and its a hassle having a huge stroller the
    streets are tight in the quarter i like that it doesn’t have much to it.
    GREAT VID helped out alot.

  12. haha and i always thought it was all about buying the ONE right stroller
    for your family tree / baby. :D if we could afford it we would have at least 2 i
    reckon :)

  13. I like this! I too have the Uppababy vista in Alex orange and the BB+ in
    pink. I just started eyeballing a Maclaren tonight and that’s what led me
    to your record. What do you mostly use your Mac for? My daughter is rotary
    1 year next month and do you reckon the volo is a excellent stroller for that age
    or must I go for a recline?

  14. Babyroues is charitable away a stroller right now. The THRIFTY NIFTY MOMMY Fit
    4 a Princess GIVEAWAY! More details on the BABYROUES Facebook page.

  15. I like the Bee too, just bought that and the Cameleon both in black I’m
    waiting for them to turn up. We don’t use strollers past 3 or 4 in my family tree
    so I didn’t see the weight limit as an issue, though it seems to be a
    common complaint. Something no one ever mentions is the way you can add a
    car seat to it without taking off the seat unlike most similar strollers. I
    travel a lot and I thought that was the most attractive figure they
    offered for that stroller. :)

  16. Sweet Pool, kinda like cars for guys )) We just got our self Orbit
    Baby in Red and 4Moms Origami.

  17. you don’t need 3 strollers for one child. I had a Bumbleride from birth to
    two years. I recently bought a Bugboo bee because he is tall. Having one
    stroller is best. It doesn’t mean you are going to keep the same stroller
    for the 4 years you will use it with your child. children age 3-4 only need
    a stroller if you are in the city and are not driving a car. If you are a
    suburban american you barely need that.

  18. You can get cheaper ones I agree. An I am not showing off, some new mommies
    want an honest opinion of baby products from others. That is why they watch
    these videos. ;)

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