25 thoughts on “Most Organized Home in America – HGTV Clean Freaks & Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello

  1. I’d need such an efficient secretary for my office, I don’t have much time
    to reckon about those small spacial organizational details with cute and
    colorful stickers…

  2. You must never store makeup in a bathroom. The humidity can cause
    bacteria to form in your make up brushes and products, causing them to
    expire quicker.

  3. People are so critical… Lol …. You are gorgeous and an inspiration!
    Like your videos!

  4. very cool; I need to take some tips from this; certainly would make life a
    lot simpler in my household lol

  5. My household is organized very also. I don’t use marks or bone idle susans. I
    reckon the OCD crap is over used and out of line. For some people marks do
    help, keeping things in their house makes it hard to lose them or waste
    time looking/remembering their location. 

  6. I like it :) Most Organized Home in America – HGTV Clean Freaks &
    Professional Organizer Alejandra Costello #organization 

  7. Am I the only self that’s weirded out by this lady? I mean… Her
    organization skills are AMAZING! But can u imagine how she gets when
    someone leaves something out of house or things don’t go the way she
    planed!!!! Lol can u say #psycho ?!!

  8. I really appreciate these types of vlogs. Just basically opening up a way
    of life (in a sense) in the hopes of inspiring organization or austerely
    charitable out cool thoughts.Take what applies to you, and admire the record, no
    need to despise. Like this record! Thanks for sharing got some really cool
    organizational tips and thoughts from it, +Home Organizing by Alejandra.tv !

  9. If your hair was any shinier I would be able to see myself from here…and
    I live in Canada.

  10. The marks are a bit kindergartenish, I reckon, especially when you can look
    at it and see what’s in it, and besides, as you use things you remember
    everywhere they go. You have to weigh out the time it takes to “find the right
    hanger” as opposed to putting something on any empty hanger, which is just
    as excellent. So some of this is a bit over the top and time consuming in
    itself, but I guess the thought is to take from it what you like.

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