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  1. There is no way in hell this female is a DDD. Or a 36 band for that matter.
    The whole time during this record you could see that the weight of her boobs
    was really reliant on the shoulder straps, and that the underwires were
    not flush against her body, but rather hovering. I’m sure if we’d been
    given the three sixty degree view it would also reveal that her back band
    would be riding up due to being too large of a size. The back band needs to
    fit snuggly around your ribcage and accomodate for eighty percent of the
    weight, or – with breasts this size – you’ll quickly get tension headaches,
    back pain, and even dents in your shoulders. Probability are she’s more like a
    32G-H. God, I wish so called “fitters” would quit sticking women into bras
    that align with their narrow range of sizes at the cost of their customers

  2. i will be going here next month. Need to be re-measure ans i hope these
    bras will work. 

  3. Thanks for this and without that cool and comfortable model, we would not
    have been able to know all the points. There is nothing worse than
    muffin top boob or quad boob.

  4. hy from everywhere we bought this type of bra from you any contacts or online
    order please

  5. *1:55* (SIDEWAYS) made my EYES pop out my ‹(•¿•)› !!!!

  6. i have just finished spurting.That man telling us about bras is hot!

  7. Geeez, this is incredible she could be my GF’S twin, been telling her she
    needs a sports Bra for health reasons at least, gonna have her watch this.
    Thanx for posting

  8. I hope both these women know that no females are really going to watch

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