25 thoughts on “how to crochet baby puff flower body warmer jacket coat tutorial

  1. I just couldn,t pass up a gorgeous pattern as this so I went to artfire
    and bought it so I can stay on along with record. Thanks so much for

  2. that is very gorgeous but can you redo the record and show us the WHOLE

  3. Thank you so much. I have just started crocheting in January 2013, I have
    learned alot from Youtube videos_ Tutorials and I Thank You All. Sincerely

  4. fantastic job!! thank you just… the camera moves a lot and it’s hard to
    watch the record, there’s something you can do about it

  5. thanks , yes my written pattern with diagrams and detaled photo step by
    step you can download in my shop, please look my record similes.

  6. That is really Awesome!!!!! Do you have a written pattern for this? I
    would Like to try and make this. Thank you Roxanne

  7. Very pretty! I liked that you built-in a skill level. I really despise when
    someone takes the time to share something like this, only to have others
    complain about it later. This is very pretty, I live in a warmer climate,
    so this is perfect for my two nieces for Christmas! :) Thanks so much

  8. Crushingly gorgeous. Can u show how to assemble please? Also who is the
    soundtrack by?

  9. hola, que hermosos trabajos realizas estoy aprendiendo a tejer, y me voy a
    esforzar por hacerlo y el que tambien me gusto mucho aunque le entiendo
    menos es el bolero de flores color rojo o naranja no distingo bien el color
    pero tus trabajos esta bellisimos gracias. ojala pueda traducirlos.

  10. Hola me gusta mucho crees que se pueda hacer uno asi para niña de 4 años ?
    Apenas estoy aprendiendo gracias

  11. hola!!!!!esta precioso este saquito para niña,se podría tejer para
    adulta?como chaleco?? muchas gracias………..saludos

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