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  1. So does the iron mineral cereal comes from the corrosion of the machine?

  2. *Corn Pops Conundrum*

    This morning I woke up and did my normal routine; getting a shower, feeding
    the fish, tossing on a pot of coffee, and of course grabbing something
    resembling breakfast to start my day.

    Today’s breakfast of champions happened to be Kellogg’s Corn Pops, which I
    recently realized was Popcorn. Not satisfied with just that epiphany, I
    started thinking -

    Ok, it’s popcorn. Honest enough. But I’ve made popcorn before and there is
    always seeds and stuff involved. So, how do they deal with to get rid of the
    seeds and shells on the corn so I’m not getting that crap stuck in my teeth
    while eating breakfast?

    Leave it to me to waste my breakfast wondering how Corn Pops is made… but
    then we live in a world everywhere I can really find out with a small
    searching online… while the record isn’t about Corn Pops in particular, it
    answered my question because I’ll assume the same early cooking process
    eliminated the seeds, etc from Corn Flakes as well. When it comes to
    really *popping* the corn pops, then, I can assume (from Wikipedia) that
    they are using a gun popper thingy to make up for the loss of the seeds.

    Of course, I also learned that breakfast cereal pretty much originated from
    Seventh Day Adventists who are vegetarians, and more famously Kellogg who
    was feeding corn flakes to people at the Sanitarium (Psych ward).

    And now you have a glimpse into my typical morning train of thought :)

  3. Spray on vitamins? You would reckon they would have that thing on full blast
    for a heathy breakfast

  4. doesn’t look expensive to make… so why does the cheapest cornflakes cost
    3,5€/kg eh? EH??? WHY IS THE LOWEST PRICE HERE 3,5 FUCKING € A

  5. Sometimes I eat cereal for dinner. Yeah, I’m a rebel like that.

  6. Why they even bother making cerial base bar when they coat it in load of
    caramel and choc…..

  7. They are two different bars. It isn’t stated in this record, but the bars
    come in a “plain” version, which is first shown being rotated without the
    caramel or chocolate coating, and another variety, shown being made in the
    later part of the record, with caramel and chocolate. I blame the editors
    and script writers. You are right! They must have clarified this.

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