25 thoughts on “HIGH TECH BABY MONITOR! – Motorola MBP36 Review

  1. Hey guys. I would like for you to check out my daily VLOG of life with 5
    kids. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the record! I currently use an Angelcare moniter and have been
    looking at getting a record moniter. This helps a lot since yours is one of
    the ones high on my list.

  3. Hi missy this is stephen greathead nice assess can you please do a record of
    you speaking through the baby monitor because I need one for a supporter of
    mine here in toronto canada thanks 

  4. We have this monitor too and LOVE it so much! We never get any feed back,
    the picture quality is crazy excellent, and it’s sleek and simple to travel with.

  5. we got the same one about a year ago and we like it too!! when baby #2 got
    here it came in really handy because it will scan between the two cameras
    on its own all night. seriously a lifesaver! our ink started to wear too
    but has stopped and we can still see what the buttons are. It’s the monitor
    I recommend to everyone!

  6. Dear Missy, because of you I’m seriously considering cloth diapering thanks
    to your “Everywhere Did All The Poop Go?” record, cloth diapering looks a lot
    simpler then I thought it would be. The only reason I wouldn’t use cloth
    diaper is if I was still living here in my apartment because I don’t have
    own washer/dryer so we would have to go out & use a laundry mat which would
    cost a lot of money. My husband & I are hoping for a baby in the next
    couple years (I have PCOS so it is hard for me to conceive).

  7. I’m making my baby registry and this was really helpful, thank you so

  8. does it have a figure everywhere it is voice activated? for example, if the
    signal machine is going but baby isn’t making noise, do you keep hearing the
    signal machine?

  9. How much, how far does it go ? Btw like product reviews u r awesome 

  10. Hi Missy :) Your hair colour and cut looks so excellent on you! The ends look a
    small dry though from lightening it – I have the same issue! I just
    started using a hair oil from L’oreal on my ends and it’s incredible for
    ombre’d hair! :) xx

  11. Have the same monitor and like it too! We were blessed to find a groundbreaking new
    one at a flea market for 75 bucks

  12. I like this monitor. We will be using it for baby number 2 

  13. I have been having mine now for a small over two years and I like it! 

  14. Hello! We also have this monitor. Do you turn your camera off when not in
    use? I try to, but Im not sure if I need to. Thanks!

  15. what a cool monitor! i checked it out after i saw that you got it for
    Christmas! wish it was out when we got ours :)

  16. Hey Missy I want to see a record on what foods Ollie likes and how you
    make them and store them!

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