18 thoughts on “Hephzibah House-Being Forced to Wear Diapers

  1. “For all have sinned and come small of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23);
    “Sin is the transgression of God’s law” (1 John 3:4).

  2. As someone who was tormented for being incontinent, hearing about that girl
    in diapers not even allowed to sit on furniture… that’s striking a

  3. Mary Kumar I have a recommendation for you to handle this abuse. Go to a
    attorney and file a class proceedings lawsuit for hurts because your life was
    ruined and they must pay you and other survivors for their negligence. If
    you and the other victims get a huge enough settlement you can shut that
    house down because they will not be able to operate with no money. Your
    civil rights have been violated most comprehensively and you could easily
    win a court hearing in that manner and save so many other girls from a
    similiar fate. Go find a lawyer who specializes in these things at least to
    a limited extent to at least look into it. Also I would go to child
    protective air force and tell them about the abuse that is going on there
    right now. I know your worried to do this but I reckon the only way you
    may know peace is to try this.

  4. As someone who wore them as a kid, and enjoys them now… I couldn’t
    imagine the kind of torment you and the others, especially the one girl,
    went through. I feel so sorry for you and hope that all of you are in
    better hands now. <3

  5. I like to wear diapers its fun I’m an Adult baby I get my diapers online
    from Bambino diapers and from ABUniverce

  6. no offense to any of you ab/dls. Im pretty sure she doesnt wanna hear about
    how you get your diapers are what not.

    its probably the last thing shed wanna hear about

  7. You were worried of diapers? If you got in vex for asking to go to the
    bathroom, wouldn’t have been better to wear diapers. I was in a couple
    different childrens centers and if you peed your pants or your bed or w.e
    then you have to wear a diaper, I know first hand!! it’s not uncommon, why
    would you want to sit there and pee your pants

  8. Hi there, I’m aa huge fan of your videos. I really am proud of you for
    sticking up for yourself, and for telling all of us about this retrifying
    tale. And I’m really glad that you stood up for the girl who had to wear
    diapers. :) That’s really hard to do for a girl your age. How ancient are you
    btw? You guys were really restricted from a lot of things weren’t you? Can
    you tell me more about it sometime please? Email me.
    Jack12286/Chris Harvey 

  9. getting punished for asking to be go to the bathroom? that is abuse. Being
    incontinent is nothing shameful and your very courageous to post this record M A
    Ry Kumar. the bigotry of that household must stop and in fact I hope CSB goes
    in there and shuts that house down. they everywhere abusing kids just so they
    could teach them how to be bigots rather then god loving individuals. No
    one no matter how evil they may be deserves to be abused like that. 

  10. M A Ry, you are doing the right thing by talking about this. Very sorry
    that you had to deal with that. You are so much larger than the ‘adults’
    who place you through that or were complicit with that teach. You are young
    but already have obvious wisdom and compassion. Your life will go far
    beyond that small box which hepzhibah believes girls belong in. There is
    no question or any debate, hepzhibah is incorrect, their practices and beliefs
    are incorrect. You must be commended for having survived and kept your wits
    about you. Like many others, I wish I could change it so that you never had
    to go through that. You have a right to be mad. There is no excuse for
    how you were treated, every adult involved bears the blame, though you may
    have already forgiven many of them.

  11. wow sounds way worse then prison what dit you do to get there? i was a
    jerk to at age 16 i left the household and went my way! turned out fantastic :p

  12. that household has very strict rules and are completely insane but you stood up
    for a supporter and yourself

  13. You have a cute voice and I’m sorry for what you had to go through

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