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  1. Hi Poley UK I am undefined as to the type of bus that you use so I can’t
    say for certain. But at the widest point the pushchair is 60 cm. I
    would expect that this will fit but you will need to check the bus to be
    100%. I hope this helps. If you have any other questions try looking at
    community. kiddicare. com. Chris Kiddicare TV

  2. Hi, I like it but will I be able to get on the bus?the back wheels seem to
    be very wide apart. We only have buses with the lobby at the front by
    the driver’s seat …?

  3. Hi coygina We offer the Baby Weavers New Baby Foam Interior Mattress the
    size that you will need is 74 x 30. We will get you a record shortly for
    folding the cot so watch this space. Hope that helps Chris

  4. What are the differences between this model and the new Graco Evo apart
    from the skill to switch over the handles?

  5. I lived in norway and the prams there are by no means premium what a
    ridiculous thing to say! lol

  6. Another thing … is there any “premium” mattress to hold for inside
    the carrycot as the one here seems a bit flimsy and my husband is used to
    premium Norwegian pram systems with their padded, luxury carrycots (Simo
    Duo/Kombi and the Emmaljunga brands WAY too expensive in my opinion) so he
    is very worried about how protected and comfortable baby would be inside
    the carrycot and how protected and suitable this would be for the Norwegian
    weather elements!

  7. Did you know you can fold the carrycot down flat.. Underneath is a Zip
    unzip it n ull see two grey bars. Pull them in and it will flatten down. :)

  8. The carrycot can lie flat? Is there any way of seeing this being done as I
    am taking my Graco symbio with me to my new home in Norway and would like
    to work out my options of how to take it with me on board a smooth … when
    the baby it is for is still in my womb! :D Also, I was wondering what size
    of transport bag would you need for the chassis so that it wouldn’t get
    wrecked in the hold of the smooth (or chipped by over zealous baggage
    handlers)? Same question for the babyseat too,

  9. I have seen this puschair in real life and its incredible! I really want to
    buy it!

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