12 thoughts on “Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Newborn Napper

  1. I reckon she called the Newborn Napper the bassinet, but isn’t the bassinet
    the rectangle unit that’s below the changing rank and newborn napper?
    I’m not talking about the main huge playard. From my understanding the
    bassinet is that rectangle looking basket that is right underneath the
    changer and the newborn napper. There are 4 pieces total. She reviewed only
    3 pieces and confused the newborn napper as the bassinet.

  2. I need the directions! I lost them and i need to know how to open the
    thing to place the batteries in for the music and vibration! :( Help!

  3. Is the entire thing suppose to go into the bag? Like the napper and the

  4. i would like it if they would make it more sturdier to hold the babies
    weight. Maybe if they used real wood inside the bottom pad. And the straps
    that craddle the basinet are made of a metal bracket. Even if when the
    child is older it will hold a baby up to 50 pounds to play around in the
    deep section ,like the saftey 1st playpen. Over all these changes would
    probably stomp the competition.

  5. id like to know if the pack and play bassinete straps are supple , or
    plastic. The problem i have with the basinets is that they are designed for
    babies under 15 pounds. When kids traditionally cant sit up till they are
    about 6 months ancient. or higher. I also have a problem with the pack and
    plays unfoldable pad for the bottom of the playpen when the child can play
    around. my daughter weighs 20lbs. The bottom ends up curving to the shape
    of her but.

  6. can i buy the playard for new born baby as a replacement for of a crib? thanks for the
    assess , it was really helpful

  7. Does anyone know how to properly get the cover around the bars for the
    changing table on this unit? I’m an engineer and have sadly tried for two
    days with no luck.

  8. Another aspect i like in other play pens that i wish this one had would be
    like the (jeep playpen,) a cad for extra storage for clothes that can be
    conceiled. Also the baby depot on the side for wipes and diapers. A house
    to hook up an MP3 player. These changes would be so ideal , yet trying to
    keep all it has already even its original size . I would like a playpen
    with all these incorporated. It would be a powerhouse.

  9. Yes. You’re right. Technically, the bassinet is a second setting which when
    it comes off becomes the play pen.

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