Flying a Glider

Thе Texas Soaring Association (TSA) іѕ a nοt-fοr-profit corporation devoted tο motorless іn succession away. Established іn 1947, thе club іѕ located 15 minutes south οf…

25 thoughts on “Flying a Glider

  1. I reckon this is a weird way to go fishing… I wonder if he caught

  2. i like reading observations about how better a self is and how unsafe
    something is..

  3. uhhhhh….. Can’t wait for the fantastic summer thermals!!! And at that time, I
    got hands on my own gopro :P

  4. Is there a reason why the towplane didn’t turn left after relief? That is
    the proper procedure of course…Gilder turns right, Towplane left, not
    sure why it was different here.

  5. You might be a car driver, but with an attitude like thatyou are clearly
    not a pilot, I hope! MrCapnordest….

    FYI > my credentials are: USHPA advance rated hang glider pilot 40 years (
    own a private mountain site locally with 8hr 35 min in succession away ), paraglider
    pilot 20 years, Ex Army 82nd Above ground paratrooper “demolitions”, advanced
    rated skydiver, private pilot with pvt hangar on pvt grass
    strip… ultralight pilot, owned a Cessna & Luscombe, now own a 3/4 scale
    Cub, have light sport repairman certificate, title-holder of the worlds only OZ-5
    sailplane, Harley criterion, bungee jumped Vic Falls Africa… check it out …
    google … tommy thompson soars … click on view my complete profile & on
    this record site search NC71845. We all take probability daily. Especailly when
    the roads are wet and the drunks are out. 35K folks die each year on
    America’s highways & a quarter of a million injured. I hang poles with
    cameras all over my aircraft & I’ll try something new quicker than a cat can
    licks it’s ass :) 

  6. Lighten up. Man. If a shade was hurt guess who would pay for it? The
    other pullout is flying while one self videos. They have plenty of
    altitude. It’s simple to be a critic. Nice record. 

  7. No matter what you may warn this generation of young people about, they
    will always resent it, and with a smirk on their faces, will do it over again,
    just to prove they know better!

  8. Fantastic ! Jeeze, drop camera on someones head ? Maybe a cow, then go
    play the lottery. Yea, like a suction cup on the fuse is alot safer. Go
    stay in a bubble OSHA boys.

  9. That camera mount is incredibly stupid.Besides the obvious risk of the
    camera and it’s stick mount falling onto somebodies head there is also a
    real risk of breaking rhe shade, Very poor airmanship 

  10. Glad you liked it, stay tuned. There is many more everywhere that came from. :)

  11. Incredible record guys. Keep it up. I’m a fixed wing power pilot. This makes me
    want to jump in a glider!

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