15 thoughts on “Dr Brown Bottle Sterilizer Review

  1. My wife and I were trying to figure out why it wouldn’t turn on and then
    just chose to go back to take a nap lol

  2. I know this is an ancient record but maybe this comment will help someone. On
    the directions, it shows you how to house the wide neck bottles so that
    everything fits perfectly :) You house them AFTER the blue piece is on. You
    can see a picture in the instruction manual & they have the directions
    online as well.

  3. don’t you usually sterilize your bottles right before you feed the baby
    with them, so it doesnt really matter if its wet? Because I dont see the
    point of sterilizing the bottles when you’re airdrying them = dust and all
    that messy stuff gets in? (=

  4. The directions claim you can use the schooner bottles :). I only have plastic
    bottles so I am not sure how well it works with the schooner ones. Best of

  5. It takes very nearly 2 days for my schooner bottles to air dry when I use this
    sterilizer, what am I doing incorrect?

  6. @dntessier99 I was going to try and use our dishwasher, but it seems to get
    too hot and melts everything. So I opted for the sterilizer to make it
    simpler and less likely to warp the bottles. I bought a pot drying rack
    this weekend and that seems to help a lot to alacrity up the drying process!
    We are going to use bottles mostly, but with breast milk. Since she will be
    in daycare full time when I go back to work :).

  7. I noticed after awhile, minerals start to form inside the sterilizer and
    starts getting a small soil in there, is there a way to better clean the
    sterilizer other than using a sponge? I find that pretty ineffective and
    have a hard time cleaning the tiny spaces. Thank you.

  8. Go to Amazon and search Air-O-Swiss EZ CAL Cleaner Descaler. This stuff is
    like $9 a box (cheaper if you go to a Bed Bath and Beyond store). I usually
    cut each packet in half and run it through the sterilizer every 3-4 weeks
    and it seems to get all the mineral gunk out :). Hope that helps!!

  9. It is unquestionably okay for your schooner bottles not be completely dried. It’s
    sterilized water! I questioned the same question to a RN. Sterlized water is
    safe to babies!

  10. I had the same problem with my bottles and they were plastic. I bought a
    drying rack from target that is made for bottles and would place them on that
    in the sun immediately after they were finished in the sterilizer. That
    seemed to alacrity up the process a small.

  11. I just bought a small basket thing for the dishwasher to place all the
    small parts in and then I reckon I will wash bottles and that basket of
    parts in dishwasher. Of course Im going to breast feed so not sure when I
    will get to pot use. Maybe in a couple months. Who knows. Learning

  12. @SaarEskimo Are you really going to sterilize at 4AM, screaming baby,
    trying to place parts in this contraption, and dark with groggy eyes ;)? I
    sterilize mine in the morning and place them back together so I have a full
    days worth without having to run around like a chicken with no head to get
    the bottles together :). So it is kind of a pain to run a cycle and wait
    for them to dry before putting all the pieces back together.

  13. @umrvballgurl I want to do the breast milk pot thing too. But I will
    probably wait awhile to initiate any pot or binkies for first month or
    two. I work from home. So it will be simpler for me to experiment with that.
    But I like the thought of breast milk and bottles. ;)

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