Cloth Diaper Q&A

I wаѕ getting a LOT οf thе same qυеѕtіοnѕ οn mу last record: …аnԁ I’m nοt opposed tο answering thеm οn thаt vlog …
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25 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Q&A

  1. I want to start using cloth diapers. And I just brought some bamboo
    cotton wipes to start. I place the wipes in the wash and found that the baby
    poop stain don’t come out? How must I wash them? Also, I saw record that
    say you have to out the cloth diapers to the wash in rinse cycle first
    before you wash cycle. My wash machine don’t have the rinse cycle option.
    It is just a cheap wash machine. Can I still use cloth diapers? Since I was
    not able to clean the wipes with the wash, not sure if my wash machine can
    handle the cloth diapers. Thanks!

  2. I use regular free and clear soap as well, mostly Tide or All. I find it
    works better than any other soap for cloth diapers. I use Huggies all
    natural diapers at night and out and about (my favorite disposable). I do
    use bleach to do a full strip of my diapers which is only once every 6
    months. I just do a pre-rinse before starting my wash so I don’t have to
    strip so often since I use pocket diapers. I also use a sprayer for my
    diapers. It is a lot less complicated than most people reckon.

  3. I have a question about the sizes on the diapers. I have a 2 month ancient
    right now, can I use the same cloth diapers until he is 1 or 2 years ancient or
    I have to buy different sizes?

  4. Your awesome! You make it so simple and make me feel like I could really
    take on cloth diapering! Thank You

  5. Tide Original works fantastic for cloth diapers, you can find it anywhere! EBF
    poo is water soliable so you only have to start spraying the poop out of
    the diaper when they are eating solids :o)

  6. lmao!!! thanks! cottonbabies has REALLY excellent pricing if you live in the US,
    and they ship for free. just add a . com to the end of the name, i am not
    “allowed” to do that in youtube observations haha i have had them leak through
    but only if james is wearing them at night. he sleeps pretty much right
    through the night so i don’t get a chance to change him. i honestly
    couldn’t give you a time frame. maybe every hour and a half to two hours? i
    don’t usually keep time, i just know by how he acts.

  7. once a week. or once every 5-6 days if we use them at night too, which we
    just started doing.

  8. Thank you so much for this record, you pretty much answered everything I was
    wondering about. I reckon when baby arrives I will certainly use cloth

  9. Thank you, I just realized you posted another record before you commented!!
    I LOVE your pregnancy vlogs by the way, I know they are ancient, But i have
    been watching them every week for what week I am since 4 weeks pregnant and
    I can relate to a lot. Im 24 weeks now and expecting my first (baby boy)
    july 8th!

  10. they get stinky but the container really keeps it contained….that
    sentance is silly, looking back on it.

  11. Well clarified. I like the way you do the cloth diapering that simple
    (normal washing soap, no fancy bleaching product). If I must do cloth
    diapering I’ll do it the way you do… :) Thanks..

  12. i use Vaseline mostly. penaten makes a cream that is clear like Vaseline
    which works well as well. he only gets powder when he is really hot. he
    tends to get REALLY sweaty and needs it.

  13. i did NOT know that about formula feeding. thanks for the info! i’ll be
    sure to mention that from now on when i get questions. awesome tip.

  14. How often do u wash cloth diapers and inserts;??every 2 or 3 days or once a

  15. Please make a record on breastfeeding what to do before and how to plot what
    to start eating etc.. all informations on having a give for breastmilk.
    Ty for answering my questions.

  16. The only time I’ve smelled soil diapers in a nursery was when my sister
    used a diaper genie. Those things are yucky :p

  17. What are some websites that you know of that sell cheap cloth diapers?

  18. I like like your diaper pail. I use a plain large garbage bin.

  19. Once a week? Don’t they get stinky? I can’t go past 3 days or they start to
    get funky. I like that container.

  20. Sorry I missed the part everywhere I was putting poo all over my baby or
    something else soil or unsanitary. Can I have a time code please?

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