7 thoughts on “Choosing a Formula for Your Baby

  1. sometimes u cant breastfeed. I’ve had two children now, my son was 12 weeks
    ahead of schedule and was in the NICU until his due date and my daughter was born 6
    weeks ahead of schedule and was in the NICU for 3 weeks. I was at the hospital every
    day for hours and used a breastpump while they were in the hospital. I
    never made more than 2.5oz so I had to supplement. It’s not always because
    the mother doesn’t want to

  2. ‘ breastfeeding milk is the best natural milk better than a formula

  3. This is a excellent product, my baby does not eat powdered milk, have been
    eating it. Hope I can more discount. here is the link to it in case anyone

  4. A smart mom breast feeds her baby. Immunoglobins are bent in mom’s body
    and place in breast milk. These ImG are made based on the bacteria/ viruses
    from baby’s mouth to the mom’s nipple. You cannot replace breast milk-
    there is no substitute. Formula companies want you to be dependent on them.
    The hospitals handing out formula want your baby to get sick- BECAUSE THEY
    WILL MAKE A BUCK. There is no replacement for what God bent! If you
    cannot breastfeed then find a milk bank with google.

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