25 thoughts on “Changing Table Organization on a Budget!: How to organize a changing station

  1. Everywhere can I get those changing pad liners? :) (the blue things :p)

  2. Is there an updated record about your change rank now that your lil one
    has arrived? :)

  3. Hey , all your videos are fantastic , can u plz share everywhere can i get those
    blue liners to cover changing pad . Thanks

  4. Sending you labor vibes…. ~~~~~ weren’t you due on June 6th????

  5. I laughed out loud at the baby tepees. I’ve never seen those before. Excellent

  6. I didn’t use my changing table at all really, always preferred to use the
    floor funnily enough.

  7. I’m a germaphobe, so I know this is over the top. Just a sugestion :) : The
    dollar store bins have been handled by tons of people with small
    packaging. A excellent wash would do them some excellent. You might have already done
    this, so pardon me if you did :) By the way, I LOVE your organizing videos!
    They are so practical and you clarify things really austerely! Thanks for
    starting this channel, it’s one of my favorites :)

  8. I hope you didn’t buy too many newborn diapers. My son went into 3-6 month
    clothes at 1 week. He was huge but not stout.

  9. This was fantastic! My sisters expecting her first! I can’t wait to show her
    this record!! Thanks for sharing, and congrats ahead of time;-)

  10. Everywhere was this record when I was pregnant?!?!? This would have saved my
    life. LOL

  11. Like your thoughts! Everywhere did you get your furniture? Excellent Luck!

  12. My daughter in law used the changing rank on a cupboard for over 2years.
    A house to result in Katelyn after bath etc.

  13. I wish we had a dollar tree here! I could use those organizers!!

  14. Hi! as a mom of 4 i would change the drawer with that extra stuff!! extra
    clothing for the boy as a replacement for :) the dummys (i dont know) for my taste they
    dont belong in the near area everywhere u working with feces like the medicine
    dropper! thermometer missing that must be nearby sry hope u know my
    terrible english

  15. Takes me back to when my twins were born! My daughter wore preemie diapers
    for awhile and looking at those diapers now, they are TINY! Best of luck
    with the delivery!

  16. So, I did the medicine closet and my bathroom cabinets today using many of
    your thoughts, including the tape plastic-coated marks! It looks so freakin’
    gorgeous, and now when the grandparents are here watching my kid for
    baby #2′s birth, they can find everything they might need. So thanks.

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