25 thoughts on “Changing A Cloth Diaper Poop (and I mean REAL poop)

  1. I’ve heard that some people who have a detachable shower head, they result in
    that over to the toilet and use that to rinse as a replacement for of buying a diaper

  2. None too different than my 4 month ancient daughter’s messy diapers (still not
    on solids). I also don’t have a diaper sprayer and I don’t reckon I will be
    investing in one either. I basically remove all poop from my diaper shell
    and insert in a basin in the tub with a 2.00 ikea brush reserved
    specifically for my LO’s nappies prior to storing it in the diaper bag
    until wash day. I’ve never had a stain and my “soiled” diapers really go
    into the wash cleaner than my wet diapers as all that is left on the fleece
    or insert is a slight stain. It takes less than 2 minutes, even with a
    really messy diaper. Truly no huge deal at all!!!

  3. Do the cloth diapers ever leak outside the cloth diaper with the poo or the
    pee? I like the thought of cloth diapers…anyhow thanks for sharing how you
    handle it.

  4. My question is; isn’t throwing human faeces into the bin, regular
    rubbish/trash technically illegal? I thought it always needed to be

  5. I use a diaper sprayer, but I am surprised that the washer gets off the
    residue after you scrape it!! I always have done over kill with spraying
    Charlotte’s diapers because I didn’t reckon the washer could break it down.
    This is excellent to know!!! Maybe diaper spraying will be a lot simpler from now
    on!! :) :) :) 

  6. this was really helpful and gave me a realistic thought of what cloth
    diapering will be. I’m so pleased i found your record!

  7. You must use flush able liners! It is only $8 for 100 sheets!

  8. thanks for this record I am researching cloth diapers and I just wanted to
    see what it was like when you change the diaper its really not that terrible

  9. I didn’t find it too terrible. It’s just a natural body function.

  10. Thanks for doing this! my daughter is four months and once she starts
    eating solids i was wondering how people deal with this.. we too havent
    bought a diaper sprayer as of yet:)

  11. Thanks, this was a huge question I had and I had been wondering how much
    poop we had to get off before throwing them in the wash. Now that she is
    older how many dipes is she going through? Do you have to double up on any?

  12. I don’t know anything about cloth diapers but am curious to how it works,
    thanks for posting!

  13. For sticky poops I just toss the diaper in the toilet bowl and soak for a
    while (lid down) and then come back and hold an edge and flush and shake. I
    sometimes pin the diaper between the seat and bowl so it doesn’t all get
    wet but meh, you can wash your hands. ;) I like to flush all solid waste
    over tossing in the trash. 

  14. I like youtube! There are so many things out in the world I had no thought

    Thank you for sharing your cloth diaper experience. My experience is from
    the 70s when I baby sat and there wasn’t the option of disposable diapers.
    This looks preferable to what I had to do then.

  15. Are those Arm & Hammer bags that you use as gloves biodegradable? My city
    has a compost program, so I like to help reduce the amount of waste sent to

  16. i reckon i’s just hilarious you have to tell people not to watch this if
    they have a problem with poop. Well if people are watching this, I’m sure
    it’s because they have or have on the way a baby. So they better get over
    their poo problem ASAP!

    lol too pun!

  17. I really know about the diaper sprayer, my oldest is 3 and potty
    training too. I’m new to CDing but I knew that a sprayer attached to the
    toilet wasn’t going to work. I still wanted the convenience though so what
    I did was place in a detachable shower head. I spray off into a bucket, toss
    the diaper in the pail, and then flush the poo water. I rinse the bucket
    out with a small hot bleach water every couple days so it doesn’t get
    funky. Super simple. It’s an thought for you and it’s well out of the reach of
    small hands. Lol. 

  18. Thank you for this record…you are being honest about how things really are
    and I really respect that..when you have kids poop is a part of your
    life…thats all their is to it…

  19. Thank you so much for this record! I just started CD my 18mo/ancient and don’t
    have the finances right now to really invest in a lot of the convenient
    accessories. This is a huge helpful tip on how to deal with the poop since
    I don’t have a sprayer. 

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