25 thoughts on “Calvin Harris – Drinking From the Bottle ft. Tinie Tempah

  1. What is Tinie Tempah’s real name? What type of nationality is Tinie Tempah?

  2. This record was a hot mess. Once you get past the Devil himself being in
    this music record, you’re left with a gigantic MESS of a record. Just a hot
    mess! (I was somewhat entertained by the huge asses shaking, though. If
    only they showed more of that and less of the two main performers drinking
    water mixed with body paint!)

  3. This record basically shows you what the devil has done to this world so
    far!. That guy who said hollywood is a godless house is telling you the
    truth. Every celebrity is a devil worshiper <–(Sorry if i spelled it
    incorrect.) They all wanted the money & the fame.

  4. did anyone else hear ” but tonight were drinking from the

  5. I KNEW I recognised the ancient bloke – Wormtongue from LotR!! He gets about :D

  6. a bit pun that nowadays this is called electronic music

    real electronica does NOT have verse/chorus structures, this is the main
    thing which makes it different from pop/rock thingies

    this is merely a traditionally structured pop/rock song by a performer who
    cannot afford musical instruments or have the skill to play them and uses
    cheap/free VSTis as a replacement for :P

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