25 thoughts on ““Bottle” by Kirsten Lepore (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  1. *”Pot”* by Kirsten Lepore (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
    *Animated on location at a beach, in snow, and underwater, this stop-motion
    small details a transoceanic conversation between two font via
    objects in a pot.*

  2. Exceptional, a lot of time very well spent , congratulations on making an
    incredible small show. 

  3. what is incorrect with you and these incredibly sad stop motions.

  4. Here’s a cute tale for you to delight in. Pleased Valentine’s Day! 

  5. pure poetry. I like it. thank you so much. like&peace

  6. One of yesterday’s highlights at Comic-Con. I had seen this before
    somewhere, but it made me tear up over again, just the same.

  7. * a nice record about LDR, but the end so sad
    That’s why long-distance relationships don’t turn out that well i didn’t
    reckon it was sad at all! not only were they together finally, but they are
    now, one!

    “Pot” by Kirsten Lepore (Official record)

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