25 thoughts on “Baby Trend: Playard Assembly

  1. Thank u for the record I was 2 days trying to do it and it was impossible.
    Now mine is ready.

  2. con mi esposa les agradecemos mucho….. miles de gracias sino a mi bebe lo
    hubiera acostado a los 2 años…!

  3. Thank you for posting this record! As a first-time mom and having bought
    this playard secondhand, I REALLY appreciate the help! :)

  4. OH MY GOD! THIS VIDEO SAVED ME! LOL! I was about to weep how to freakin
    assemble this! LOL So anyhow THANK YOU SO MUCH! now I can rest my muscles
    for sure :D

  5. I tried for 3 frustrating days to set this thing up. I can’t believe I
    didn’t see this record earlier.

  6. hasta que entendi para que servian los tubos que “me sobrabran”

  7. this is so fantastic. i have been trying to do this for an hour. i feel like i
    had my work out for today. who knew this was so simple. thank for this!!!

  8. I never would have figured out the “trick” to this without this record. You
    guys need to place a link to all of the Baby Trend products you sell on your
    website to THIS record.

  9. wheeww, thank god for this record. I had packed it away and couldn’t
    remember how to get the arms to lock over again

  10. Hubby and I were having vex putting together the one family tree passed on
    to us. After watching this it was up in seconds!!! THANKS!!!

  11. Thank GOD for this record… my daughter got this as a passdown from a
    supporter of hers. I tried to figure it out myself only to be frustrated! this
    record saved my nervous system lol THANKS over again!

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